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SEPT 2002

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  C O M M E N T    The world's most civilized city  
  No crime, no panhandlers, no traffic jams. Is this a great city, or what?... Life with a new digital camera: multimedia success followed by bone-headed disaster...   Last month
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      TRAVEL:  My 'hood  |  Mexico  Switzerland   Barcelona
  E D U C A T I O N    News & opportunities for educators & students  
  New job openings in Pittsburgh, PA and Melbourne, Australia, updated Sept. 21... Computer Art conference in Paris... AIGA online award competition for student projects... Ideas about class projects and critiques in OpenSource EDU ...   Jobs
OpenSource EDU
      FUN:  Valentine  |  Smackdown
  R E S O U R C E S    49 tips for better web design - Pt. 2  
  This month's web design tutorial for beginners continues with Type and Graphics . More to come next month.   Design
Web construction
  B E S T  O F    Websites that are worth your time  
  September 11 memorial that's simple, elegant, and overwhelmingly human... How to tell your story: movie-making tips... Explore the Internet's past via the Wayback Machine... Quick, easy comparison shopping online...   Web stuff
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