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Hands free prostate massage device

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~ as recommended by Seb Cox - Tantric Manwhore Uk

"This is a great device for all men interested in prostate pleasure. gay men will find it particularly useful for opening tight holes. Bi-sexual men can use it to have their prostate pleasured as they are making love. Straight men can experience prostate pleasuring, or even milking without all the usual hang ups. All men will benefit from a healthier prostate". Seb Cox.

"I am Seb's straight mate. He introduced me to this massager about two years ago. Now my missus doesn't get it unless she first puts the enemagra in my arse.". M.Moran.

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Enemagra assisted masturbation helps you achieve a firmer erection and greater pleasure. It benefits most men by directly stimulating the prostate plexus of nerves, and the perineum to result in an amazing orgasm. . You can buy it now on-line by clicking the "PayPal" button beside the picture above. Your credit card will be charged $45, (which includes a 12 page guide on pleasuring your prostate), and charged to "PayPal". This is a secure server. The price in pounds sterling is therefore just under £30 and that includes postage and packing to anywhere in the world. The massager does not have to be sent to the address on the credit card. It is sent in a plain brown envelope.

You can also send a cheque for £31.50 made payable to M.Moran. Send the cheque along with your name and address to : Enemagra, P.O. Box 35283, London E1 5WZ. Please allow time for the cheque to clear.

This device is a traditional Japanese device that can be enjoyed by all men, gay str8 or bisexual.  It is the only scientifically designed prostate massager.  It is designed to allow hands free direct stimulation of the prostate externally and internally. The unique hands-free design also massages the perineum acupressure point. It has to be experienced to be believed.  So go on and give your prostate to a treat from the Enemagra it will definitely become a friend for life.  

What to expect from the Enemagra

 - Extreme pleasure concentrated upon sexual organs 

 - Magnified penile sensitivity and firmness 

 - Increased stamina 

 - Stronger and longer orgasms with more powerful ejaculation

 - Easily attained prolonged dry multiple orgasms

 - Strengthened endurance and prevention of premature ejaculation

 - Stronger PC muscles and toning of anal and urinary sphincter


Is also available in the US. Compare price. Remember my price includes post and packing to anywhere in the world.

about using the enemagra

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