The Zodiac Murderer

This 1969 San Francisco Police Department wanted poster, number 90-69, dated October 18, 1969, is a composite of a murder suspect, known as the "ZODIAC."

1969 San Fran P.D.  Wanted Poster

This elusive, serial killer apparently started his infamous life of killing in the late sixties. This wanted poster was drawn from the recollections of eyewitnesses and some of the surviving victims.

One significant characteristic of his behavior was his use of cryptograms to taunt the police and intrigue the public. The Zodiac was never caught; he is almost forgotten, but his victims will never be forgotten.

A Dedication Page of Remembrance


Click here to see examples of the Zodiac's cryptograms and letters.

Could Peter O. be the "ZODIAC"?

Actual Picture

This photograph was taken of Peter O. in 1967. Peter O., who was a sailor, bears a striking resemblance to the 1969 San Francisco Police Department wanted poster. This sailor was stationed at the joint military installation at the Presidio of Monterey, California, circa 1967. This military post was known at the time as the Defense Language Institute West Coast Branch (DLIWCB). This brilliant, look-alike man was assigned to a navy intelligence group there; Peter studied cryptography, was an expert marksman, and chain-smoked Benson and Hedges cigarettes. Peter would be about 52 years old today.

Who is Z.I.N.G.?

Zodiac Information Netting Group (Z.I.N.G.) is only collecting information on this poster look-alike. We are "netizens" just as you are; we are ordinary citizens. We are not sanctioned by any law enforcement agency. We are NOT detectives, policemen, judges, jurists or vigilantes: We are only information seekers. We, nor you, should NOT make any attempt at apprehending this wanted poster look-alike. This is potentially dangerous and illegal.

Z.I.N.G. believes that even though criminals can use the net, they also can be caught by the net, just as a popular TV program is able to profile criminals. We believe the net can be used in a similar function, since the net is a two-way lane of information. Because television as an information exchange is limited to showing the facts in its time slot, it lacks the means to truly interact. On the net criminals can be profiled, and the public can be made aware every twenty-four hours. On the net pieces of the puzzle are always at your fingertips, whereas, a twenty minute TV segment is not. Also, then one can more easily discover a piece of the puzzle. Maybe you have a vital piece of the puzzle.

Author Robert Graysmith in his definitive work on the Zodiac stated the following:

"...Then, gradually, a resolve grew within me to unravel the killer's clues, to discover his true identity, and failing that, at least to present every scrap of evidence available so that someday someone might recognize the Zodiac killer."

Excerpt is from the introduction of ZODIAC, by Robert Graysmith, St. Martin's Press, 1986, ISBN 0-425-09808-7

For a closer comparison of the wanted poster and the actual photo, click here to focus on a particular shared physical characteristic.

We must add this serious caveat: We have no desire to ruin an innocent person's life just because of a series of coincidences and an uncanny resemblance. Obviously, someone who has the authority to access military records could compare his military record with the crime dates and easily eliminate consideration of this look-alike man as the Zodiac. UPDATE, this has already been attempted with no success. Too many records were destroyed in a fire in St. Louis.

We are also aware of the witch hunts in our history which occurred in Salem and during Senator McCarthy's era. We do not want another hunt like the recent one of Mr. Richard Jewell for the Atlanta bombing during the 1996 Olympics.

Where is the Zodiac killer now?

  • There are numerous possibilities why a serial killer suddenly stops killing. Here are just a few.

    The killer could have done one of the following:


  • For more information on the Zodiac and serial killers in general, see bibliography

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