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Student Peace Action Network

Upcoming Events

Ongoing—Call Your Representatives

Call your representatives and tell them to say no to a war on Iraq. (Find out who your representatives are at congress.org, and then call the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121). These calls are especially important now because Congress has been increasingly vocal in insisting that Bush consult them before launching a unilateral and unprovoked attack against Iraq— and Bush has now said he will seek Congressional approval.

Tell your Congress members that a US war on Iraq will:
  • Take the lives of US soldiers and many innocent Iraqi civilians.
  • Increase anti-American sentiment abroad.
  • De-stabilize the Middle East.
  • Undermine international cooperation.
  • Defy international law including the United Nations (UN) charter.
Instead, the US should pursue real solutions for global and national security:
  • Open new doors for diplomatic alternatives to the current impasse.
  • Lift economic sanctions that target Iraqi civilians.
  • Negotiate, through the UN and other regional systems, a return of weapons inspectors to the country.
  • Support democracy and human rights throughout the Middle East.
  • Strengthen international agreements to reduce weapons of mass destruction.

September 27—SPAN Meeting

If you're coming to DC for the World Bank and anti-war protests, come to a SPAN meeting Friday evening (especially if you can't make the October 12 council meeting). It's a chance to gear up for the next two days of actions, meet other student peace activists, and talk informally about plans for this year. Time and location TBA (not at our office, but probably somewhere nearby).

Note: SPAN works out of the Peace Action offices, which are right across the street from the World Bank. Anti-globalization events, including World Bank quarantines, are planned for most of this week, so if there is a lockdown in this area, we might not be able to get into our building. If it looks like that's going to happen, we'll send out an alternate phone number.

September 28—World Bank/Anti-Corporate Globalization Protests, Washington, DC

Sunday, September 29—Anti-War Embassy March in Washington, DC

Judging from recent White House statements, Congress will probably vote on a resolution to attack Iraq in the first weeks of October, just before they adjourn to go campaigning. Demonstrate your opposition to this unjust war!

9:00 am - 1:00 pm—A teach-in and training sessions will be held about the history and current situation in Iraq and the skills needed to organize in opposition. (Location to be announced). Contact: Mark Cimino, Mobilization for Global Justice, (202) 271-7990.

2:00 pm—A march against the war on Iraq starting in Dupont Circle, (Massachusetts & Connecticut Aves., NW), going north on Massachusetts, stopping at key embassies (Britain, Japan, Turkey, Egypt), and ending with a rally outside Vice President Dick Cheney's house at the Naval Observatory. Contact: Mike Zmolek, National Network Against War in Iraq at www.endthewar.org.

October 7—Coordinated Teach-ins on the War on Terrorism and Iraq

The anniversary of the start of the U.S. bombing campaign on Afghanistan has been designated for nationwide teach-ins on the war on terrorism and Iraq. We've created a guide to organizing Oct. 7 teach-ins, and in the September issue of the SPAN Grassroots Organizer you'll find handouts and flyers, including a fact sheet/timeline of a few of the administration's exploits in the past year. (If you want to receive the Grassroots Organizer, email your request and snail mail address to span@peace-action.org.) Several other organizations—including Fourth Freedom Forum, Global Exchange, the Institute for Policy Studies, and STAND (Students Take Action for New Directions)—are participating to spread the effort to as many campuses as possible.

Coincidentally, the Alliance for Justice is having their annual First Monday civil liberties event on October 7 (the first Monday the Supreme Court is in session). They are also sponsoring teach-ins, mostly focusing on domestic civil liberties issues related to the war on terrorism. If another group (or your group) is holding a First Monday event, consider working together to effectively combine the events, or, if that's not possible, moving the Iraq/War on Terrorism teach-ins to the weekend before or a day or two after.

October 12-13—SPAN Council Meeting

This is the first SPAN Council meeting of the year! Converge in DC for a weekend of brainstorming, planning, getting to know each other, and electing this year's SPAN Council. Even if you're not planning on serving as a Council member, send someone from your group to participate and help shape our campaigns and actions for the coming year. Travel scholarships are available, and we can help you find housing.