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A libertarian classic, revised and updated!
"The Incredible Bread
by R.W. Grant

This book discusses some of the misconceptions about capitalism, such as the "robber barons" and the Great Depression. It  identifies the  three principles of a free society, applying them to contemporary issues including education, the environment, Michael Milken, Bill Gates, altruism, the dangerous intellectual, "compassion" in government, and much more. (See "excerpts" and "principles" links below.)

"This is one of the all-time classics of liberty. How wonderful to see it back in print. The new, revised edition is even better than the original." - Robert Poole, president of Reason Foundation

"A good basic primer on liberty. Pick it up and read a few pages when you need to be inspired or reminded of the best arguments." - John Stossel, ABC

"Some books make great debuts, but are soon forgotten. Others appear quietly and slowly build a reputation. An unlikely book about bread is one of the latter." - Investors Business Daily, 6-16-99

Author's Foreword


Excerpts on Current Issues

The Three Principles


297 pages, hardcover and softcover.
Published by Fox & Wilkes.
Order on the net from :
Laissez Faire Books
or phone, 800-326-0996


The satirical poem which started it all:
Tom Smith and his Incredible Bread Machine"

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