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LATEST NEWS as of 24th September 2002

Only a v.quick update but an important one none the less. You can get the latest version of CarScanner here, and the current BETA AutoUpdater, here. Please bear in mind that these are not finished, and i am working on bugs as we speak.

If there is anyone with an a fast connection who would like to try out the AutoUpdate for me, that would be great... it's kinda hard when I need to download 28mb over 56k to do that! I have tested it with files I already had though. Oh and one more thing, please no emails about the StringFix function, I know it doesn't work yet... it's not finished! :) That doesn't mean you can't give it a go though. Another update will be coming real soon, when i've shifted this load of work pfft.

P.S. for m8's at GSA, cya all at the weekend.

Posted by: Wolverine (September 24th, 2002 6:14 PM)

Upgrade frenzy!!!

Yes, it was that time again... heh. Unfortunatly for me though, this time i encountered quite a few problems with the retailers selling the parts i needed. I have never been fucked around so much in all my life, and this lasted for like 3-4 weeks! Anyway you will be glad to know all is well now, and running without one single problem.

Appologies for the huge delay in uploading the AutoUpdater and CarScanner programs, they will be posted later tonight... during the time i was away i managed to scrounge another 50Mb of webspace yay!

bye for now.

Posted by: Wolverine (September 24th, 2002 08:24 AM)

BETA 1.01 of my CarScanner has been uploaded. This release has the Corvette, McKilem and Eagle4 databases completed. The REMOTE Car Descriptor download function has also been fully tested, and works a treat. Theres still a lot to do but i rekon' it's up to a standard where it's viable for some of you guys to give it a try :)

It's a pretty neat little program i think you'll find, but what it really needs is some hard integration with the game, and Gamespy... but i don't have the know-how just yet to be able to muster up somehting that sophisticated. Even if i could simply grab the IP of someone from Gamespy, automatically set my IP in their program, and do the Scan Jobby then i'd be extremely happy!! Maybe in a few months :p


Have fun.

Posted by: Wolverine (August 20th, 2002 02:15 PM)

Acouple of new additions coming soon. Twisted Endz aka |666HP|Twisted, with the help of Masterfool (might get an arse kickin' if i don't mention him lol) have created a great little tutorial about "making your first gamescript". Unfortuantely it isn't here right now for everyone to look at, because it's just going through final set of checking before they let me loose with it. Gamescripting isn't hard at all, but getting the code and syntax correct, is crucial... so if your new to the whole concept, this is the ideal place to start. Keep checking the news here, and the tutorials section for it's appearance soon.

Next up, cheaters... We all know there are plenty out there. I started making a small program that would look at each cars descripter in turn, checking for modfications and tweaks by comparing them to a MS Access Database. Maybe i'll even get time to make the program usable "remotely", on another machine. Well, after getting neglected for some time i've started work on it again. Yes thats three programs i got "on the go" now, oof.. maybe they will eventually get done eh? BUTT. If i spend all my time on them , that means no TDR! Noooooooooo! hehe, i'm sure anyone who's interested can wait a lil while :) All of them are just projects for fun really, but all very useful.. *reaches for the vb6 book..* Byeeeeeeeeeee!

Posted by: Wolverine (August 3rd, 2002 10:24 AM)

Proggy updates! Well, the first one is coming on very well now... ive made the laps, recovery delay, repair and timer tweakable while in-game. Also, i've managed to get a car system semi-working. It looks like TDR2000 simply assigns each car a number relating to the order of them displayed in the car menu, beginning at 0. Now all i need to do is find out what sets this number in memory at the end of a map. I had another idea before which worked well, invloving creating a dummy car and then making this car changable. The only problem was that if anyone used the gorvette they would be displayed as the same car used by the client :D Oh well. To top that, addons are not just added to the end of the car list (as you guys will already have noticed). Unfortunately this is also true for the car numbers which makes things difficult, but i'm going to get the list to regenerate with their numbers in my program so that if you installed new addons, number changes will be apparent. I assume at this point, the map selection will also use a number system.

One other problem i can see coming is that, i seem to have found that the memory locations used for lap/time/recovery changing are different for everyone. Also if you reinstalled TDR2000 they may change! This still isn't 100% confirmed yet but i think it may be the case :/ I'm sure i'll get around that though!

Anyway, apart from that at least it's working out for me so far. It would be good to get a few people to try some functions on their installation to see if everyones game does use different memory locations. If your interested in helping out or testing this, or any other programs i've started. Let me know.

Posted by: Wolverine (July 13th, 2002 9:40 AM)


Halloooooooooa :) Ok, now that most of my work is out of the way i can get crackin' on this website. The file decsriptions will be sorted along with any links that are bad during the next couple of days. You guys might be interested in a couple of little programming projects i have started too... one is a proggy that runs alongside TDR2000 and enables you to change game preferences "on-the-fly", yes, that means you will (hopefully) be able to change settings for the next map while your in game... no need to terminate the session!

The next thing is for a little clan idea, well a tournament system. The clans, as good as they are don't seem to be doing much for the community... i want more! Well what i have devised firstly is that every month each clan members score (wastes/s-wastes/deaths) are calculated and therefore a score is given. This score will be determined by the duration of the match and how many kills were made in that time. Obviously more points will be awarded for players who kill more people in less time. Also, i plan to make the results (which will be recorded by the program at the end of every game) viewable on this website via a realtime database. If i can work it so the score can be uploaded here automatically via FTP perhaps, that would be better. All sounds too good to be true eh? Well i'm determined to give it a good shot, i don't see there being any major problems... just need to learn a few new things. The final thing will obviously be the tournament. At the end of the month, the top 4/5 highest scoring members for each clan will be entered. The actual matches may be randomly generated but at the end of the day what we will end up with is a ladder determining the player of the month. Hey, maybe some of you could come up with a neat title for the winner.

Anyway, don't expect anything too quick. I'm getting on well with the first program so far, so fingers crossed if i get enough spare time i can get em' released soon when the bugs are worked out.

tata for now!

Posted by: Wolverine (July 2nd, 2002 7:03 PM)


...and now for the moment you have all been waiting for. Yes! thats right, Carmageddon II Advanced is now officially out! The final download has been tweaked to perfection with the complete menu and GUI overhauled to compliment the new modification. If you haven't heard anything about this before, omg you must be blind LOL... anyway, i won't start filling up my news page because you'll probably need a few monitors to view the changes :D Instead, go visit the brand new C2Adv website at http://www.c2adv.cjb.net It contains lots and lots of great infomation about the mod, tutorials and of course the upgrade itself. I won't go pluggin' myself, hehe, i did make the website so i hope you all like it as much as the superb content Rax_X has put into it.

There will be a nice shortcut download button placed here shortly for all you peeps, and theres still some fixes i need to get done with this site too... but of course, as you can imagine, trying to make a website and keep another running can be just a tad difficult at times!

Get downloading, and enjoy!

Posted by: Wolverine (June 16th, 2002 6:47 PM)


Two great little "freeware" programs have been created by |666HP|Sideshow, big thanks for that. They include a quick car changer, and a gamescript editor.

I'm sure i'll get 'ample use out of that car changer for sure, it's extremely annoying when you have to run through the game or mess around editing options.txt JUST to change the car. You can pickup both files right here, using the links below. Also, they can be found in the Carmageddon TDR2000 Files section (along with some useful information required for use). Enjoy!

[ Quick Car Changer ]

[ Gamescript Editor ]

Posted by: Wolverine (May 27th, 2002 6:46 PM)


Just thought i'd keep you informed about the old [WD] website status, obviously it's still up however i have heard nothing about the files and video being sent to me :( i will email again today and see what i can find out... i may be able to grab the files myself somehow though, so not all is lost.

Oh and more good news, i got an email from the original founder (Wretched)... and it looks like he MAY be coming back! Woooo! Lets hope so eh :)

Posted by: Wolverine (May 14th, 2002 5:04 PM)





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