Space Age Technology Ruled by Dark Age Paradigms Means Extinction

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A Novel about Economic Government, Love Story, Action Adventure, and Polemic, this novel describes a new paradigm for liberty, justice, security, and economics based on the ideas of Thomas Paine, Henry David Thoreau, Ayn Rand and Andrew J Galambos.                  "Read a Review"

Economic Government
This new collection includes the popular essays Economic Government, Government Malpractice, Don't Vote, and many more.
In it I examine the flaws of the political paradigm for government and the potentials of the economic paradigm for government.

Death in America
Short stories on death and dying. Stories exploring our human reactions to terminal illness and death of a loved one.

Summerís Day 1950
A personal reminiscence.

El Gobierno Economico

Open Letter to I.T. Professionals

Life & Politics 2001


The State Versus Mankind

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