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Welcome to the official SERA "Home Page."  The SERA is the largest Amateur Radio Repeater Coordinating organization in the United States.  We are delighted that you have stopped by. Whether you are looking for specific information or just surfing the web, we encourage you to browse through the information presented here. We hope that in some way this web site will be beneficial to you.

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In Memory of Wayne Williams, K4MOB

March 14, 1936  to February 12, 2002

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    2002 -  SERA Datasheet Information

A Note From The President, Don Williams, W4VT:

The goal of all the volunteers of SERA is to do the best job we can for you, the repeater owners and repeater users in our territory. We are all like you, wanting what is best for our hobby. We want SERA to do the job right. We believe in quality, whether it is in service or in merely getting the latest information to you through our Repeater Journal.

We try very hard to see that things go right when communicating with you and seeing that your coordination requests are dealt with promptly and courteously. But if your request is not handled to your satisfaction, I invite you to contact me if you have any suggestions on how we can do our "job" better! If you feel you need to talk to someone, please give me call. I'll listen!

Don Williams, W4VT
SERA - President
412 Ridgeway Drive
Bluefield, VA 24605-1630
276) 326-3338


SERA Summer Meeting 2002

In Service Training for SERA Staff - 06/2002
The SERA Board of Directors at the Summer 2002 Meeting.
Read the Minutes of the Summer meeting here.....





President - Don Williams, W4VT camera3.gif (741 bytes)

Vice President - Richard Wright, W4LOC camera3.gif (741 bytes)

Secretary - Alex Hedrick,  N8FWL camera3.gif (741 bytes)

Treasurer - Johnny Wofford, WA4ETE  camera3.gif (741 bytes)





Executive Committee Member (at Large) - Danny Hampton, K4ITL camera3.gif (741 bytes)
  /and/  Technical Committee Chairman

Repeater Database Manager - Frank A. Lynch, W4FAL 

Systems Administrator (Archives & Membership) - David Ward, W4WDW

Repeater Journal Editor - Gary Pearce, KN4AQ 

Internet Manager -  Alex Hedrick,  N8FWL camera3.gif (741 bytes)

P.O. Box 215
Tobaccoville, NC  27050-0215

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