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Title: The Quiet One

Author: Krystal


Length:  Unfinished, but there are currently 26 chapters I think.

Synopsis: A very origional story, "The Quiet One" focuses in on Taylor.  After an awful mistake, that several teenage boys make, Taylor Hanson's life takes a spiral downward and leaves him with a horrible (and very unexpected!) loss.  A loss that not only effects the way he'll live his life forever, but especially takes its toll on his family.  And unfortunately, his fight doesn't end there.   

Good One: Wow, I love this story!  I cannot wait for the next update!  The creativity's amazing, and I love the suspense and unpredictability.  "The Quiet One" is well written, as well as addictive.  It's definately one of those stories where (lol- forgive my cheeziness) "You'll laugh, and you'll cry".  I'd hafta say that I really like the "smartass" portrayal of Zac Hanson, also.  It's cute.  :) 

Did you HAVE to: Take so long to update! ;) j/k. Her story is hosted, and I imagine the hostess is busy right now and what not.  But there weren't many "bad" parts that stick out in my head.  I never really got bored, and I never read anything that didn't seem "unneccisary" to the plot, and its so ..."possible" that its almost haunting!

Creativity:   !!!
Begging for More:   *chanting* up-dates, up-dates...
Cheese-o-meter: I did "tear up" at one part, and maybe there was a line that could be cinsidered "cheezy" here and there.  But nothing real corny.
What would your MOTHER say!?: My mom wouldn't mind this so much.  A little vulgarity, and sex and drugs are involved, but there aren't any really "descriptive" parts.  Yet anyways.
Calling Planet Earth: Like I said- its unlikely and all, yet so possible its scary.

Overall Rating: A ...I know I didn't describe it too well in this review, but that only because I don't want to ruin it.  *Trust* me, and go read this story!