Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       6 Lamat, 11 Yax, 12 Manik        

Selamat Jarin! We arrive, dear Ones! Many things are occurring in your realm that are moving your reality toward its inevitable transformation. In this message, we will discuss more about your reality and how it is being prepared for what soon will unfold. One key to understanding your limited realm is to examine the ways in which the Anunnaki, its former masters, have controlled your world. Another is to see how your world's Ascended Masters, with some divine help from Heaven, have worked to alter the grand plans of these formerly dark off-worlders. As we have noted in earlier messages, the legacy of Atlantis is your present state of limited awareness, which the many bands of Anunnaki have easily manipulated. The Anunnaki can be divided into nine separate clans, each with a duly appointed leader who acts as its representative on their Grand Council. In this solar system, their home is the former Galactic Federation of Light battle planet, known to most of you as 'Nibiru'. For nearly 13 millennia, this enormous space wanderer was set into a 3600-year solar orbit.

      During the galactic year of 4 Manik, the Anunnaki decided to join with the Galactic Federation of Light and give up their dark ways. Such an astonishing about-face horrified their earthly minions. Suddenly, they were faced with an appalling dilemma, to accept the directives of their former masters or continue down their own comfortably dark road. Some five years ago, as part of the Galactic Federation's plans for first contact, Nibiru was ordered by the Galactic Federation of Light to break its orbit around your Sun and begin a slow approach toward Earth. This approach will continue until Nibiru crosses Earth's path, sometime shortly after the galactic New Year for 11 Ik, and will act as a divine herald. It is a harbinger to all in the days to come that Heaven's all-wise decree will, in fact, occur. Those who seek to prolong your bondage need look no further than the night sky to see that their days in power are indeed limited by the forces of Heaven. In this way, the Anunnaki can announce their increasing displeasure with the minions whom they elevated to positions of power long ago.

      This rapid turn-around caused enormous rifts among the various cabals that secretly ruled your realm. In the past, the decrees of the Anunnaki had approvingly underscored their evil schemes, which then were enforced by the many dark Beings that Anchara, dark lord of this galaxy, had created for them. As a result, a number of pre-selected regional cliques, cabals and families enjoyed untold power and enormous wealth. Down through the millennia, that power had become second nature to them. They saw such gifts, and their sworn allegiance to the Anunnaki, as givens. Together, they seemed a force capable of holding your realm in darkness forever. However, Heaven had secret, powerful warriors of their own - your Ascended Masters - whose task it was to spread Heaven's wisdom and to find followers, prophets and well-placed visionaries. With their help, the great transformation of humanity that had begun slowly would, in this present time, accelerate rapidly toward its long foretold destiny - its final victory over the dark.

      The Anunnaki, original dark rulers of this realm, were inclined to serious infighting. As we noted in our last message, this infighting permitted degrees of Light, in the form of limited arcane knowledge and instruments such as rituals and calendars, to be proclaimed for use upon this world. It allowed the Ascended Masters a small, but growing boundary within which to do their work for the Light. Moreover, an enlightened ruler such as the Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten, was empowered to become an absolute ruler of these dark lands. Within the matrix of your realm, these enlightened Beings were able to establish a number of new ideas and concepts that would be expanded upon, at the appropriate time, by the forces of the Light. 'Give and take' such as this occurred constantly. The main element in this operation was the internecine warfare of the 'sky gods'. Their need for power and affection was insatiable. Occasionally, a rebellion erupted, allowing a brief opportunity for more Light 'codes' to be brought into this now very dark realm.

      The European 'Age of Discovery' was yet another such period in your history. An extended conflict had developed between several clans on the Great Council, leading one faction to ask their European minions to authorize ocean-going expeditions to the Americas. These voyages allowed a great deal of arcane knowledge, long denied to their off-world masters, to be secretly built up over time. By your late Eighteenth Century, these undertakings had enforced the declaration of an inferior kind of compromise. A new order of power descended upon the Great Council. Eventually, this 'new order' consolidated its power and moved itself toward the Light. How it did so is a story that is too lengthy for this update. When we tell it in future messages, however, you will understand the extraordinary role that the Ascended Masters played in its unfolding.

      As we have observed, the Anunnaki were intensely distrustful of each other. Each faction controlled a region of humanity and, through a series of myths, each imposed its roles as 'creator gods and goddesses' on its subjects. Although given to different regions of your world, these myths resembled one another, and show how completely lacking in originality the various factions were that secretly governed your world. Part of this process concerned the serpent or dragon they used to define their rule. In the Anunnaki language, the meaning of the word 'serpent' was stretched to mean 'giver of divine wisdom'. Because they loved this definition, it found its way into all of their most popular 'myths'. What has further confused your archeologists is the fact that these 'creator gods' were a combination of many Beings genetically joined to various reptilians and dinosaurans.

      Although this genetic 'soup' led many who studied them to assume that their lineage had been passed on to their minions, this is not the case. Even the minions that secretly rule you are as human as you. Their major difference is the dark knowledge that they were given by their former masters. This 'black magic' permits them to temporarily assume different forms or even to command the dark forces. These actions, however, are presently being restricted by the vast Orders of Heaven that have come to your shores. Keep in mind, dear Hearts, that you all are physical Angels and that what was given to a few who rule you no longer has the same degree of power it once had over you. Heaven is bringing in a mighty Light that is quickly dismantling this earthly grid of darkness. In its stead, Heaven is establishing a new grid of Light.

      Often, the process of altering your world has caused your Ascended Masters to assume positions in the power structure of your world. In this way, they have set up world trusts, increased the human rights to which you are entitled and reformed your many societies. They, in turn, have stirred up revolutions, ended wars and permitted organizations to be formed that have served the causes of peace, cross-cultural understanding and environmental preservation. These events have occurred only because the Anunnaki gave Heaven the means to work their various miracles, and quickly mend each crack in the evolution of humanity. However, the Light 'codes' added to your world did not evaporate. Rather, they accumulated and, eventually, reached a critical mass. This is a time in which the fruits of these labors can finally be harvested and, with them, a new reality that you and Heaven, together, have created.

      Today, we have discussed at greater length the way in which Heaven is creating your new realm. Nevertheless, we ask you to remain focused and firmly committed to your coming victory. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts! Know that the boundless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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