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The ampersand (&), a common form of expressing the word "and," is actually a caligraphic form of the Latin word et.

Recent TJCL News

09.29.02 I have moved the message board to You can access it through this link. More information is available on the alpha-layout index.

08.06.02 The results from national convention are available now from the NJCL website. Go here and click on "Awards" on the left side.

08.05.02 I want to thank everyone who went to the national convention this past week and made it a great success. Now that convention is over, I'm sending out a call for pictures for this website, the scrapbook, and the Tennessee Torch. If you have any pictures, please contact me (Austin Chu), our historian Claire Patterson, or our Torch editors Tara Daniel and Daniel Taylor (contact information here). Also feel free to contact us through the Finally, following the end of Mrs. Brenda Edmondson and Mr. Jim Long's term as state chairs, I am pleased to announce that Mr. Grady Warren of Northeast High School and Mr. Mike Williams of Smyrna High School have been elected to be the new state co-chairs for the next three years.

07.25.02 A temporary message board has been put up on ezBoard. I have moved the "what to bring for spirit" email there and updated the links. Feel free to add comments as replies to that post.

07.22.02 The countdown to the National Latin Convention has begun! There is an important announcement regarding what each TJCL delegate should bring for the spirit contest. Read it here.

04.22.02 Convention results for the 2002 TJCL State Convention have been posted, at the State Convention page.

04.21.02 The 2002 TJCL State Convention at Smyrna High School was a great success. Many thanks to all the volunteers, especially the 100+ from Smyrna, who made it a convention to remember.

03.22.02 A Classical Art test will be offered as part of the Academic Testing session. Sources for this exam are the same as the NJCL Art Recognition test. See the State Convention page for Academics details.

03.20.02 Convention registration deadline.

01.22.02 Registration packets for the 2002 State Convention have been mailed to all TJCL member schools. The State Convention page now includes a list of the TJCL Hotel Room Block information.

11.10.01 The TJCL Executive Board held its annual Fall Planning Meeting at Smyrna High School. Details of the upcoming State Convention may be found at the 2002 State Convention page.

5.06.01. The NJCL Website Contest Results are in! Tennessee did quite well in this contest with three great local division sites that placed in the top ten as well as a first place state-wide site! Here are the complete results.

5.05.01. The May issue of the Torch is on-line. Look for your hard copies in the mail by the end of this week.

4.26.01. The Torch Editor position has been filled! The 2001-2002 Executive Board is lucky enough to have two editors this year who will work to collect information for the Torch. The two students from Smyrna High School have their contact information posted with the remander of the current TJCL Executive Board, although they will not be working on their first issue of the Torch till after National Convention. Please send your Torch submissions to the Torch editor from the previous administration, Adam Groves.

4.21.01. Information about the NJCL Convention in Tulane this summer has been updated to include: Convention Theme, Costume Contest Information, and TJCL Travel Information.

4.12.01. All of the results from the TJCL 2001 Convention are now on-line! Be sure to check out these results.

4.04.01. Most results from the TJCL 2001 Convention are now on-line.

4.01.01. The 45th annual TJCL Convention in Rhodes College was a huge success! Look for results in the following weeks, as well as pictures and memories from the covention.

3.28.01. This site was completed and has been entered in the third annual NJCL website contest, which will be judged during the month of April.

3.23.01. All deadlines for the 2001 TJCL Convention have passed. We look forward to seeing you at Rhodes College on March 30-31.

3.20.01. Officials at, have made contact with ConnecTenn, the filter that prevented many local schools from accessing this site. This site should now be accessible from schools with the ConnecTenn filter. If you run across any problems accessing the site, contact the webmaster for possible solutions to the inconvenience.

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