Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        6 Cib, 4 Mac, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!! Today, we come in Joy to bring you more exciting information. In our last message, we described the first contact you soon will have with the personnel of the Galactic Federation of Light. We also examined some of the elements that are propelling your movement toward full consciousness. Right now, the 'powers' that covertly rule your global society are quickly moving several crucial procedures into position. They are designed to open you to many exciting possibilities. Here, it is important for you to understand that these new events may, at first, shock you, but then, will truly delight you. They will result in the establishment of many new financial institutions, which will quickly replace the major monetary organizations that currently 'run' your global economy. In addition, a vast array of highly curbed technologies will come into being. With them will be revealed many off-world technologies. These devices, dear Hearts, will allow you to be free, abundant and, soon, fully conscious individuals living happily in your galactic society.

      In this regard, we must now issue some words of caution. Right now, lingering elements exist among your cabals that want to drive us and our divine agendas away. This, we cannot do. These same elements persist in carrying out the last of their dastardly plans to prevent your development. This process is doomed to failure. Already, you have reached the point of no return. Your RNA/DNA is beyond being retrograded or stopped from achieving its objectives. Moreover, key members of your world's secret cabals realize this and understand what we have told them. Our agreements make these things inevitable. Yet, the last few renegades carry on. Whatever they do, we quickly counteract. Their final few forays are failing. They are losing key personnel, irreplaceable equipment and the ability to sustain their efforts. They are well aware of this and, as a result, have asked that any ill-considered information concerning their efforts be disseminated to the public. Understand that their pronouncements are merely misplaced speculation about many short-sighted projects.

      You are experiencing something absolutely extraordinary! You are moving toward the moment when your global society will begin to acknowledge your ascension. You are about to formally concede your extraterrestrial origins. Think of what this actually means to your society! Your present concerns will be resolved creatively. What your governments deny is now very close to becoming real. These events are only part of many that will swiftly cross your path in the very near future. We ask you to understand that the most exciting part of your adventure has begun. The journey that you have made has reached several important crossroads. The events to come move us to transports of great Joy! For a long time, aware of your amazing potential, we have watched you develop from afar. That potential is now being revealed. As it does so, it releases a great deal of chaos, which is simply a sign that your transformation draws ever closer. This process, filled with many sudden twists and unforeseen plot changes, has been most wondrous to behold.

      In fact, your sudden change has been full of the innumerable possibilities given you by the divine plan. In this, you are co-creating your new reality. Even its timings are derived from commands provided by the divine plan, and the Spiritual Hierarchy is lovingly regulating the process. We are in awe of the synergy involved! You, dear Hearts, have been magnificent! You have employed these experiences to increase your knowledge and multiply your wisdom. This base shows that you have also expanded your potential. We most eagerly anticipate the shared delights of first contact. This is not a moment to be saved for your distant future. The events that will precipitate its occurrence are happening now. When they have fully manifested, we intend to make some explicit announcements to you. Until then, we will remain somewhat vague and simply say that this wonderful event will happen soon. Consequently, be aware that you are following your heart and are manifesting your desire for it actually to happen.

      The process of evolving from planetary to galactic human is seemingly immeasurable. During these 13 millennia, you have watched various dark off-world Beings manipulate your world's fragmented societies. In spite of this, you have grown, slowly, toward the Light. Your many off-world and worldly rulers met every stage of this growth with great bloodshed and enormous cruelties. It has left you with a dark history that, nonetheless, shows your amazing resilience. Your rulers' continuing efforts to sever you from your great inner Light failed miserably. Your Light simply requires the proper environment to bloom. It is our responsibility to help you to obtain that Light. This, we have done and you are now beginning to see it appear. As this glorious environment manifests, it can further accelerate your inner and outer development.

      This development also permits the appearance of the great Beings and Orders from A-E-O-N, who come to reorder your local Spiritual Hierarchy and to prepare you for your final triumph. Their arrival also brings the vast fleet of the Galactic Federation of Light. The combined multitudes are a mighty force whose sole purpose is to see that you fulfill your destiny. That destiny will bring, to us all, a permanent galactic peace and, with it, the union of all sentient Beings in this galaxy. As you can see, we have an intensely deep interest in your success. More than a new member for our growing organization, it brings us the ability to fulfill sacred prophecy. You, dear Ones, are destined to alter all of physicality and to help us to unite with Heaven and carry out the last vestiges of this aspect of holy Creation.

      As we work together, our operation is evolving from subtle to more dramatic. We intend to make our presence seem more real to you. A major part of this process revolves around the many agreements that we have negotiated with your covert rulers. These agreements have set a series of events in motion and include many important datelines and their accompanying possible sequences. This procedure will permit us to be more candid and to carry out many of the open mass flyovers that we, at first, were hesitant to perform. Understand that we are your galactic family. We do not wish you to fear us, but only to welcome us in Joy! We greatly look forward to becoming more accessible to you. As this process is realized, we will be able to begin your formal preparations to join us and help you to manifest your galactic society.

      The operation of moving you quickly into full consciousness is very complicated. It has brought together an extremely diverse group of Beings. Each element in this procedure has come from the countless Life- streams that populate Heaven and the diverse realities that form physicality. They have come because your great destiny is ready to be accomplished. For a long time, you have developed slowly within the womb of Mother Earth. Now, the moment arrives for you to birth your true essence. That essence contains the potential to transform not only you, but the whole of physicality. We repeat this thought only to emphasize its importance. In you, the Creator has seeded a truly divine gift - a unique Soul - that will be able to unite with all its many parts. This reintegrated Full Self is destined to complete this aspect of Creation. What Joy you are about to experience!

      Today, we have discussed many things with you. Soon, we intend to make ourselves more known to you. For too long, your society, officially, has denied our existence. The time has come to remedy this situation and to prepare you for your first contact. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all! Know, dear Hearts, that Heaven's great Abundance and Prosperity is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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