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A parody of Berrien Springs's Journal Era.

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Issue One

The pilot issue featuring articles involving nude chaotic orgies, pickles, and missing tongues.

Issue Two

This is the most rebellious issue, featuring articles about boobs (or lack thereof), birds, dogs, etc.

Issue Three

Featuring articles about peanuts, Dirty ole Easter Bunnies, cursing, and eating pussy.

Issue Four

The latest issue, featuring article about the Pope's visit to Berrien Springs.


Articles featuring federal and nationally known figures such as Mayor Rudy, Al Gore, Dr. Laura, and George Bush.


A collection of funny images and cartoons.

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Disclaimer: The names in the local articles have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent. Any resemblence they may have to real people is purely coincidental. The events are not real, lest Berrien Springs be the biggest tourest attraction in the USA. The names have not been changed in the Political section, as once a person becomes a politician and/or governmental official, they are fair game to spoof. The events are not real, but only a source of (hopefully) giggling entertainment.

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