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The MasterCraft 205V is the perfect marriage of middle-engine skiability and rear engine practicality. It offers outstanding versatility by incorporating the maneuverability and towing smarts of a direct-drive with the speed and cushion of the V-drive. It remains MasterCraft's best-selling hull for just these reasons.

We incorporated the platform of our all-time best seller, the ProStar 205, and merged it with MasterCraft's exclusive 310 horsepower, fuel-injected, VectorDrive powerplant. The result was a boat that cleaves through wakes and slices through glass. Add a beautifully sculpted deck with an expansive three-piece sunpad and wraparound seating and you've got the prototype for great skiing, superior handling, comfort and convenience.

In the 205V, you can choose the perfect speed, choose the correct volume or check your gauges at a glance while towing slalom, barefoot, wakeboard, kneeboard or air chair. Thanks to the 205's user-friendly Driver's Command Center, it's incredibly easy to multi-task. You can even adjust your view over the bow by simply flipping up the redesigned MasterView driver's seat. We've gone to great lengths so you won't have too. From the driver's seat, you have fingertip control over tunes and torque with the all-new Digital Speed Indicator (featuring an underhull paddlewheel design that offers superior speed control), the optional Clarion CD stereo and the new oversized chrome throttle knob.

While you're at it, pack it up and pack it in. The 205V has space for all of your family's favorite toys. Stow your life jackets, skis, ropes and boards under the seat, under the floor or below the cavernous three-piece sundeck.

You'll cherish the spacious interior and versatility of the 205V. There's a line of people waiting at the dock for a pull.





INTERIOR: Wrap-around seating will provide you and your guests countless hours of comfort and spectacular 360-degree views from the bow or stern.
VECTOR DRIVE: Incorporates the towing capabilities of a traditional direct drive with the space saving features of a V-drive.




CAVERNOUS STORAGE: There are lots of places to pack ropes, skis, boards, vests and small children. Just flip up the passenger seat, open the ski locker, lift up a bow cushion or open one of three sunpad compartments.
19- AND 34-MPH WAKES: Adjust your speed for any aquatic discipline - velvet wakes and flush table create the ideal conditions for skiing, wakeboarding, barefooting and kneeboarding.




DEEP "V": The 205V's hull slices through the water for great skiing and excellent handling.
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