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Eclipse 99 - Doorway to the Divine

The Significance of the number 11:11
and the Total Solar Eclipse
11th August 1999


So many of the coincidences have jumped out at us that we  could not ignore them. It seems from the Astro-Cartographical evidence  that the time 11:11 U.T.. when the eclipse is over the Bulgarian border  (see Maps) is one of the key moments of the eclipse.

Here is the evidence.

 Lets take a look, first of all at the place where the eclipse  touches down in the Atlantic 300 km south off the coast of Nova Scotia  at 09:30 U.T., do you remember a plane crash in this area in the early  part of 1998 of a Swiss airliner on route to Zurich, it was flight number  111, the type of aircraft was a McDonnell Douglas 11, the date was 9/4/98  ( 9+4+98 = 11).

At what time does the Eclipse first touch landfall on the  mainland of Britain ~ 11:11 British Summer Times (BST), over the county  of Cornwall where the physical and mythological evidence of the Celtic  and Arthurian origins and extremely strong.

We have some amazing evidence that
King Arthur
is totally linked to this eclipse and in
particular to the 11:11 dynamic.
We will tell you of it later

Cornwall has been an area of tin mining for hundreds of  years and the tin mines go very deep into the Earth. Pluto has always  been associated with deep mines and right now Pluto is in Sagittarius  at this time, and, Sagittarius is depicted as an almost Arthurian figure  with the lower half of his body being a horse ~ see the connection!

Where the Astro~Cartography lines are for 11:11 U.T.?

Many people have felt that this time, this Eclipse, is about  the activation and the ascendancy of the feminine in the consciousness  of humanity, (we have had Matriarchal societies before) this time though  there has to be a balancing, there has to be a 'walking of The Path side  by side' of the masculine and feminine.

Casting the Heliocentric chart, that is an astrological  chart centred on the Sun instead of the Earth, has shown us in an amazingly  powerful way that the feminine Asteroids are holding and bring into matter  this feminine energy ~ see astrology section.

The North Node of the Moon is the point in a personal astrology  chart, towards which destiny propels that person, the South Node being  the 'place' that they have come from. These are very important dynamics  in a natal chart that determine the underlying 'direction' and 'lessons'  in a persons life. The North Node meridian line at 11:11, lies over Limburg  an der Lahn, Frankfurt in Germany, it lies over the place where MOTHER  MEERA (Mother Mary), a beautiful example of gentle, loving, feminine dynamic  energy, lives and works.

Are you beginning to get the picture?
So what is happening over Celtic Britain as 11:11 U.T.?
As Grandmother Moon passes across the face of Father Sun something in  the realms of magic is awoken here!

At 11:03 UT, the Mercury meridian is exactly over the famous  Templar/Masonic key Earth energy centre of Rosslyn Chapel and 'Arthur's  Seat' at Edinburgh in Scotland. It is also over the Orkney Islands (north  of Scotland) where, according to William Buehler, the Ruta Line terminal  point is located and where, he believes, a grid was installed to 'download'  this Atlantean energy from the island of Ruta.

As the Eclipse moves from 11:03 to 11:11 U.T. the Mercury  meridian move across the Western (Celtic) side of Britain.

Before we go any further lets look at what the energy of  Mercury brings. Mercury, the fastest planet around the Sun, like a catherine  wheel around the Sun forming conjunctions, squares, oppositions, etc to  all the other planets in the Solar system ~ communicating with everything  ~ weaving the story.

The Astrological glyph for Mercury is the Caduceus ~ the  two serpents spiralling up the wand to the cup, the Grail ~ the holy grail  ~ feeding the Grail.

The mythological wizard Merlin is Mercury, quick, perceptive,  magical, able to communicate between dimensions, Merlin has long been  associated with Mercury. Of course Merlin was Arthur's mentor, his guide  and teacher.


Having crossed the Celtic side of Britain the Mercury MC line is at 11:11U.T. on the 11 August 1999 right through the Arthurian figure riding a white boar of which there is the legend of how Arthur chased, with a band of knights, a wild boar through Wales into Ireland and back to Cornwall where the boar was eventually killed. The head of this Arthurian  is just below a town called Redruth and the number of a Redruth  man is said to be 111.

Pluto is in Sagittarius trining the North Node i.e.

We can again live our feminine and masculinity in its; highest form holding the Sword of Truth and Honour.