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AOL Neighborhood Newsgroups 
America Online's Neighborhood newsgroups let you connect with friends and family in your hometown--or halfway across the globe! The newsgroups encompass more than 150 nations, all 50 US states, 12 Canadian provinces and territories, and more than 250 cities in the United States and Canada.

In addition to the neighborhood newsgroups, there are two special newsgroups for announcements--aol.neighborhood.request and aol.neighborhood.announce. If you can't find a neighborhood newsgroup for an area in which you're interested, or you would like to see additional categories underneath other neighborhoods, post a message in aol.neighborhood.request. This is also the place to discuss the AOL neighborhood newsgroups in general as well show your enthusiasm for new groups. AOL announces the creation of new groups in the second special group--aol.neighborhood.announce.

All of the other neighborhood newsgroups are organized into three types:

  • National Newsgroups, under aol.neighborhood.nation.* (where "*" is replaced by the national name, with dashes replacing spaces. The United Kingdom, therefore, would be aol.neighborhood.nation.united-kingdom).

  • North American state/province/territory newsgroups, under aol.neighborhood.* (where "*" is replaced by either the two-letter US state abbreviation or three-letter Canadian province/territory abbreviation). Each state or provincial newsgroup hierarchy has five sub-groups: events, general, jobs, marketplace and politics. For example, the state of Virginia has the following newsgroups:
    • in the state of Virginia
    • discussion about Virginia
    • sought and offered in Virginia
    • and services sought and offered in VA
    • in the state of Virginia

  • City, Town, and Regional Newsgroups, under aol.neighborhood.*.** (where "*" is replaced by the two-letter US state or three-letter Canadian provincial/territorial abbreviation, and "**" by the name of the town, city or region with all spaces replaced by dashes and other punctuation removed). Each city, town, and regional newsgroup has eight or more sub-groups: events, food, general, jobs, marketplace, motss (members of the same sex), politics and singles. For example, the town of Vienna, VA (home of America Online!) has the following newsgroups:
    • in Vienna
    •, drink and entertainment in Vienna
    • Vienna discussion
    • in Vienna
    • and services offered and sought in Vienna
    •, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender talk and issues in Vienna
    • in Vienna
    • in Vienna
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