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Booting Amithlon from Hard Disk - Introduction and Overview


Booting Amithlon from the CD is convenient to demonstrate, or to quickly try it out. It also provides an easy method to choose between booting Amithlon and booting an alternative operating system (like Linux, Windows or QNX). However, it is not especially comfortable for dedicated machines. It also prevents the use of Amithlon laptops on most commercial airlines, as the use of CD-ROMs is prohibited during flight.

Fortunately, Amithlon can be installed to boot from the hard disk relatively easily. This might involve repartitioning of the hard drive, though, and there is a risk of data loss if some mistake is made. So please, before you do anything, _do_ back up your data! It is a good idea to have current backups at all times, anyway --- after all, your hard disk might just break within the next 24 hours....


Booting Amithlon from the hard disk actually creates two problems. The first is that, realistically, a PC will only boot from an MBR-partitioned drive (also known as "PC partitioned" or "DOS partitioned"), whereas AmigaOS doesn't understand such partitioning. So we need to create an MBR partitioned disk, and still somehow provide AmigaOS with some sort of disk to put its own, Rigid Disk Block based partitioning onto.
The second problem is that of actually getting Amithlon started from the MBR partitioned hard drive, without the need for the CD.


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