by Bobby Coakley

Real name: Sally Avril
First appearance: Sally first showed up in Amazing Fantasy 15, although Bluebird waited until Untold Tales of Spider-Man 11 for her debut.
Died in: Untold Tales of Spider-Man 13
Favorite quote: "Okay, okay... so I've still got a few things to learn." (Untold Tales of Spider- Man 11, where Bluebird realizes tossing "ether eggs" at Electro isn't the best way to take out a powerful super-villain.)
Team affiliation: Bluebird's goal was to be the partner of Spider-Man. As Sally, she was sometime "partners" with Jason Ionello, trying to get famous and well known one way or another. She was part of Flash Thompson's little "clique" at Midtown High, but also took some time out to cozy up to Peter Parker. But that was only because of his "connection" to Spider-Man, which she thought would lead to possible fame for her. That's what eventually killed her.
Abilities: Driven by an obsessive desire for fame, Sally had gymnastic skills, some basic fighting abilities and a lot of chutzpa to put on a flashy costume and call herself "Bluebird" just to get famous. She did demonstrate a lot of courage (or maybe just stupidity) as she "helped" Spider-Man take on such villains as Electro, the Eel, and the Scarlet Beetle.
Favorite storyline: Sally Avril had quite a lot of potential, if not as a super-hero, at least as one of the many thorns in Peter Parker's side. Her "assistance" when helping Spidey capture Electro was great!
Least favorite storyline: Her death in Untold Tales of Spider-Man 13. She and her friend Jason ran a red light so they could get photographs of Spider-Man battling the Black Knight. They were hit by a bus, and Sally was killed. While it did show how "turbulent" things can happen in Untold Tales, it struck me as a waste.
Editorial Aside: Bluebird is still dead, alas, and ye editor has mixed feelings. She was an endearing character with plenty of great story potential, and I was sorry to see her go; but her death did put a useful dent in the notion that nothing with any lasting impact could happen in an Untold Tales comic, and she was killed off by the creative team that defined the character (who had as much right to decide her fate as anyone), so this isn't one of those truly appalling deaths that haunts me. Not like, say, Mockingbird or Two-Gun Kid... -Morbid Sean

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