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Kyrgyzstan airlines head office changes its address

On the second of January, the head office of the National Air Carrier "Kyrgyzstan Airlines" moved to a new place. Now it's located in the building of the former Frunze Airport or Kyrgystan Airlines Sales Agency. Its new address is - Mir prospect 95.

Decision to move to the new office was made by the Board of Executives of the Joint - Stock company "Kyrgyzstan Airlines", in connection with manufacturing necessity and for the greater convenience of partners and administrative staff of the company.

All technical and decorative activities in the building are now finished and the head office of "Kyrgyzstan Airlines" keep on working with the partners and clients in a new, comfortable conditions.

At the new head office of joint-stock company "Kyrgyzstan Airlines" are arranged: an office of the President of the company Mr. Okenov T., office of Vice-president on Marketing Mr. Dzhangaziev S., office of the Chief of headquarters Mr. Bukaraev E., Marketing Division, Finance Division, Central Accounts department, Information Technologies and Communications departmnet, department of operations and sales agency.

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