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Provost Staff

Kathleen Buckley, Assistant Provost for Science Policy Kathleen Buckley, Assistant Provost for Science Policy

Dr. Buckley works with the Provost and the President in developing University-wide, inter-faculty science-based initiatives, and advises them on a wide variety of science policy issues. She also works with the senior management of the science departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the School of Public Health on academic planning and budget processes that will inform University-wide planning efforts. In coordination with the Office of the General Counsel and the Office of Government, Community and Public Affairs, Dr. Buckley monitors legislation and participates in the University’s compliance efforts with regard to federal, state, and local regulations governing scientific research. She monitors and provides staff support on selected hospital issues, and serves as the liaison to working groups and committees focused on science issues.

Sean Buffington, Assistant Provost Sean Buffington, Assistant Provost

Mr. Buffington encourages, facilitates, and oversees academic collaborations among Harvard's schools and faculties. He works closely with the faculty and staff of university-wide academic programs on issues related to strategic planning, governance, funding, and programmatic priorities. He also manages special projects and initiatives which advance the objective of effective academic cooperation and collaboration among the University's diverse units.

Dan Moriarty, Assistant Provost and Chief Information Officer Dan Moriarty, Assistant Provost and Chief Information Officer

Mr. Moriarty is responsible for University Information Systems (UIS), a group of 250 IT professionals who are responsible for providing efficient and effective IT services for the University. This group includes Telecommunications Services, Technology Services, University Printing and Publishing and Network and Server Systems. He is also responsible for University-wide IT planning and collaboration, and coordinating IT plans within Central Administration . Mr. Moriarty co-chairs the Harvard Academic Computing Committee.

Richard Pagett, Special Assistant to the Provost

Richard Pagett, Special Assistant to the Provost

Mr. Pagett works on a cluster of issues centered around the University's research enterprise and serves on the Research Policy Committee, the Stem Cell Research Committee, the Human Subjects Research Committee and the Risk Management Committee. In addition, he undertakes special management consulting assignments within the University to advise on organizational and financial policies, procedures, and restructuring.

Marsha Semuels, Assistant Provost Marsha Semuels, Assistant Provost

Ms. Semuels' portfolio is focused primarily on fostering collaboration and coordination across the University on issues relating to students, health care, and other areas of University life. She works with the University Student Health Coordinating Board, which is engaged in initiatives to improve health care and mental health services for students. Other responsibilities include a new committee focused on enhancing educational and outreach efforts regarding sexual violence on campus, the Advisory Group on Physical Planning for Housing, the Council of Deans of Students, the University Health Services Executive Board, the University Benefits Committee, and the Administrative Council (the school administrative deans and University vice presidents.)

Sarah Wald, Assistant Provost Sarah Wald, Assistant Provost (On leave 2002-2003)

Ms. Wald works on a variety of University-wide issues, including acting as the Provost’s Office main contact on the University policy on the use of Harvard's name and on policies related to University/commercial partnerships, and overseeing the Provost's Fund for Interfaculty Collaboration. She also deals with other University-wide issues and serves on University committees involving name and trademark policies, research policy, patents and copyright policy, and communications.

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