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This is the official site of one Mr. N.Ravi kiran. Any resemblance to any other site of his, is purely coincidental and perfectly legal. In case of any difficulties, please learn to resolve them on your own.

Welcome to this site of mine. This is the first version of the perfectly serious site that is being released. There were a number of other similar sites released. But none had the amount of work that should normally go into their making. Most of them were sites that were the work of a few hours. This I suspect will be the same but, there are a certain differences of this site with respect to the others. Please visit the section about the site to know more.

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  Wot happenned, here on Quaxzarron? (blog?)
  Last Posted on 2001-SEPT-04

04-Sept-2001: Updated the front page.
11-Sept-2001: New Article, about user-friendliness.
15-Sept-2001: New Section on Links
16-Sept-2001: Looks like all I am doing is getting new sections online. Here is the latest.
22-Sept-2001: w32.nimda.a@mm - Attack on www.iimcal.ac.in. I was there.
23-Sept-2001: Updated links, Reality Check - M$; Live NewsFeeds now online.
24-Sept-2001: Three new chapters in TLGO, System Basics, Networking and Connecting to the Internet.
08-Oct-2001: Two new chapters in TLGO.
19-Feb-2002: On why those people at redmond are the way they are? Oh and a happy new year btw. Welcoming myself back.

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  So... Wots New huh? (new sections)
  Last Posted on 2001-SEPT-04

01-Sept-2001: Added the fifth and sixth chapters of TLGO. A new idea for FAQs is also in, calling it the zeroeth chapter.
11-Sept-2001: Added new Article, User-Friendliness?.
15-Sept-2001: New Section on MyLinks
16-Sept-2001: New Section for the Fun lovers
18-Feb-2002: New Section on the poems

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  Wot do you suggest? (my pick)
  Last Posted on 2001-SEPT-04

Check out the TLGO - The Linux Guide Online. For complete information regarding the use of Linux, ranging from that of a newbie to that of a system administrator.

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This site is a combination of the several hobbies that Ihave. The various sections of the site are therefore relating to different seemingly unrelated topics. Please feel free to browse all the sections. The whole list of topics is given on the right. Also is provided a description of that particular section. The latest and the most important ones are talked about in detail here. Also do read the Disclaimer.


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