Een bijzondere bruiloft / A peculiar wedding.

  "Want het lot der mensenkinderen is gelijk het lot der dieren, ja, eenzelfde lot treft hen: gelijk dezen sterven, zo sterven genen, en allen hebben enerlei adem, waarbij de mens niets voor heeft boven de dieren, want alles is ijdelheid." - Prediker 3:19 "Indeed, the fate of man and beast is identical; one dies the other too, and both have the selfsame breath; man has no advantage over the beast, for all is vanity." - Ecclesiastes 3:19
01.05.1998 Getrouwd met de mooiste en liefste merrie van de wereld! En het zal me een zorg zijn wat de rest van die wereld er van denkt of vindt. Married the most lovely and beautifull mare in the world. Cannot care less about what the rest of that world thinks of it.

Sorry, de rest van dit onderdeel van deze website is alleen in de Engelse taal.
Ene meneer Heyboer in Ilpendam, ook schilder trouwens én een aardige vent, houdt er vijf vrouwen op na; ik zou die niet willen ruilen voor één Elska. Daarmee is in goed Nederlands alles wel gezegd.
Meer in het Nederlands.

Elska and Sleipnir in the newspapers -rough translation-
"Marry a pony?" "Yup, I do!" "Why?" "Just because!" Yesterday this very special marriage-ceremony between the artist-painter and his ponymare Elska was officiated. Could be called a witches' marriage because a Wiccan priest officiated it. Yesterday a Wiccan priest from England was invited to get this marriage - Wiccans call it 'handfasting' - done. "If one of you do not consent, just walk away", the priest spoke in English, and because both he and the pony stayed the marriage was done with. He loves his pony very much. "Because of her I got myself out of the depths and started painting again."
The Wiccan priest said he has done quite a few handfastings, but never before an interspecies one. "But in our religion a strong spiritual bond between all living creatures exist. Its a nature religion."
Madness? No... true love really.

Hmm... well, the handfasting ceremony was not at all like: "OK folks, if you don't want this now just run away!..." ;-) But that's what newspapers are like. The real handfasting ceremony is described in full at:

Redvanes horse rituals.

We were also invited on national radio btw, but politely refused; the argument of the representing lady of the station was interesting though: "We think that many more people want to do what you just managed...". Yeah, I think so too, even in extrema. Real exceptions are rare. Even speaking of only 0.1% of human population, in the little blob called "the Netherlands", makes already 16000 people! Quite a herd isn't it?
Of course we also had several private photographers running all over the place to make sure we'll have a nice album as a rememberance:
handfasting collage
Well, this must be quite the right spot to thank all the 2leggers, 4leggers, musicians, even the outlandish weirdos from the US of A, Germany, Belgium & England, that made our handfastingday unforgettable... thanks for all the presents, thanks for the fun! Love ya all!!! :-)
So, we - humanguy & ponymare - are married now... better believe it (or not; depends on the culturepattern you're part of)! To avoid any confusion to foreign visitors: this might be uncommon but is NOT illegal were we live. In fact by far the most humans (equines are a lot more broadminded anyways) around here that I know of were cheering & applauding - at least for our courage! Our handfastingday - the 1st of May (beltane) 1998 - was definitely one of the most exciting days in our life.
  Back to Normal Dull Boring Pony Life

early morn

The party is long over now. Back to Normal Dull Boring Pony Life! That's how it is really. We live our insignificant little lifes just like anybody. NOTHING SPECIAL except that my wife is a pony instead of a human.
That results in interspecies compromises (as an example we both agree that the stables isn't luxurious enough anymore once you're used to a heater, a decent bed, etc.). On the other hoof having yummy hay lingering all over the place is all in the game too. Heh, hm... do I spot something quite cunning but somehow onesided here!? ;-)
it looks cold outside... right: An early morning view.
left: "Hm... cold outside."

Most asked questions:
1) Is Elska housebroken? She is, as much as I myself. (Wow, I get good in answering questions without giving a real answer; may be politics must be my next career...).
2) Do you "do" it? When we have our firstborn, we'll send you a card! Sex has nothing to do with our handfasting. We could perfectly well have splendid sex five times a day without being married... without anyone knowing or bothering! But seriously now: Do you ask all married couples that you know if it isn't about time that they told you all the details of their love lives?
3) Don't people harass you? Nope, litterally no bad experiences. Why should they, as we harm noone? Range goes from 'tolerant' to 'supporting'.


Well, there really is no point in denying that being with someone of another species as a partner can be an enormous social handicap: there is a lot of things that we actually can not do together or are very unpractical to do. Like going out and take part in human social life - Elska makes a draggle-tail of a housewife too to be honest - but on the other hoof there is a lot that makes easily up for that.


we do kiss... Looking back at our wedding now, after more then a year passed - uuh, last update... it's three years now :-) -, all still seems amazingly right. Of course the concept 'wedding' as a ceremony is very much a human concept, and was for an important part meant to make *humans* understand our relationship.... But the bonding that goes with it (even more than there already was) is very real also! The initiative to many things we do share comes from Els, which pleases me immensely. The initiative to share my lifestile in the house was hers from the very start anyway! Though I spent a big part of my live with horses I never before had the idea of 'keeping a housepony', like others have a pet dog. And it surely isn't about the same feelings either. Everyone somehow needs a Significant Other in life I guess...

&...: YES! We DO kiss!
(more on interspecies marriages)