The Quickening

Secrets of the Big Dogs

Paraphrasing from Art Bell's book "The Art of Talk", Art mentions that over the years of being on the radio, he is seeing things begin to accelerate in nearly every aspect of American life.

  • Economically:
    • The growing American national debt
    • Growing personal debt
  • Socially: Rapidly Escalating Crisis
    • Riots in LA
    • Gangs who kill for little reason
    • Broken families, little sense of value
    • Lack of respect of other people
    • Crimes of all kinds
  • Politically: Destructive Trends
    • President Clinton "The Monster from the Id"
    • Politicians tell us exactly what we want to hear, not the truth
  • Weather: More Extreme, More Occurances
    • Earthquakes
    • Hurricanes
    • Severe Weather Storms
    • Other Acts of Nature
  • Health
    • Growing Viruses
    • Increasing Disease
    • Strange New Sickness
  • Environmentally
    • Global Warming
    • Dying Species
    • Pollution

Listener Opinions

Probably everyone would have a different definition for "The Quickening". Shauna Nelson and Ron Smith will try to give you an idea on what it is.

There is a feeling that something is out-of-balance and some *great* change is about to occur. That 'life as we know it' is about to change for all of us. The Quickening is the events that show change is near and are the symptoms of this impending change. Just a few of these events are:

  • The emergence of deadly new viruses
  • Old viruses have reappeared with a vengeance
  • The Increase in earthquake and volcano activity
  • The general mistrust for government has turned to all-out hatred
  • Economic activity is at best 'odd'
  • Comets, comets and more comets
  • Unusual weather patterns and increased storm severity
  • 'Senseless' violent crimes and some people appear to be without a soul
  • Children committing violent crimes and having no thought for the future
  • The increase in strange phenomenon like alien abductions
  • The unexplained increase in anxiety in the general population
  • Numerous un-nerving revelations like children being fed plutonium
  • Numerous challenges to the status-quo like buildings on the moon

When the day has quieted down and you notice a knot in your stomach, have you ever said to yourself "What the hell is going on"? That is paying attention to The Quickening.

Shauna Nelson, Redmond WA (

Here's some more "quickening" items:

  • Growing workplace insecurity - - - a lifetime job or even lifetime career is nearly impossible to find.
  • New technologies now emerge at a rate faster than social and economic systems can absorb them.
  • Observe the exponential increase in the number of anti-biotic resistant bacterial diseases.
  • Notice the now obvious signs of global environmental destruction, such as deforestation, the ozone hole, water pollution, climate change, and the growing rate of extinction of plant and animal species.
  • Government budget deficits now grow at a rate which threaten the long term financial security of the world.
  • Growing manifestations of obvious greed!!! Just look at the outrageous salaries of many corporate CEOs, entertainers, and sports stars.
  • Fewer and fewer families seems able to provide the stable and loving environment necessary to successfully raise children.
  • Public education now fails to provide sufficient basic skills in reading and math. Today, 40% of the 16 year old children in American public schools cannot read at the 4th grade level.
  • Observe the reality of global interdependence. Political, economic, or environmental problems in any one region now quickly cascade into a potential world wide crisis.
  • Individuals, as well as governments now are hooked on debt. Over 50% of the American families would have to declare bankruptcy if income stopped for just 60 days!
  • As traditional religion's influence on society wanes, notice the exponential growth of "new age" spiritual encounters and religions.
  • At a time when a growing population will demand adequate water, power, and transportation, our infrastructure gradually decays.
  • As our lives become increasingly dependent upon world economic and environmental conditions, we grow in a sense of frustration over the lack of empowerment to control our destiny.

. . . a few more "quickening" items I throught worthy of sharing,

Ron Smith, Santa Rosa, CA (