Feco Japanese I Really Think So

Japan has an interesting approach to what is and is not acceptable in pornography. Anything is just OK as long as you don't show any pubic hair. Even a few months ago child porn was legal in Japan -- no pubic hair after all -- but pressure from the United States has caused a new law about that to be passed.

So from an outsider's perspective, the primary sexual interests of the average Japanese male seem to be schoolgirls, urine, tentacle sex, and faecal amusement. They read Manga which are pulp comics that seem to center around rape of underage youth. It's acceptable because it is a cartoon.

I'm moving to Japan, so that I may pursue a new career of groping women on the Tokyo subway system. Ciao!

Added by Rev. Zomba Soul 12-Dec-00:
It just shows how far Ally Sheedy's career has gone

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