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To equip children experiencing family trauma to make heroic choices every day.
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The Todd M. Beamer Foundation, established on September 24, 2001 is a non-profit public charity created to equip children experiencing family trauma to make heroic choices every day.

In honor of Todd Beamer, and the other heroes of United Flight 93, Todd's family and friends established The Foundation to carry on his legacy of character, faith and courage to a new generation of young people.

Todd's wife, Lisa, and Doug MacMillan, chief executive officer of The Foundation, were determined to continue Todd's passion to help children.

After conducting extensive research, The Foundation soon recognized that children are often the forgotten victims of family trauma. And the effects of trauma on children run much deeper, often times lasting into adulthood, than anyone could ever imagine.

To that end, The Foundation focuses on helping not just the children who lost a parent on September 11. The broader vision of The Foundation is to reach many children across the nation who have been affected by family trauma.

The Foundation has spent the last year developing a program called Heroic Choices to help meet the long-term needs of traumatized children. The goal is to help these children learn how to navigate life’s obstacles, overcome adversity and grow to be healthy, productive and responsible adults.

This will be accomplished through:

  • high-impact, inspirational retreats for the children and their families
  • long-term mentoring relationships for the children
  • curriculum-based training for their parents.

The program is set to launch in the spring of 2003.

To date, all donations, even those sent directly to benefit the Beamer family, have been earmarked and set aside for the development and execution of Heroic Choices. Organizations and individuals who have given so generously this year can rest assured their donations will be used to make a difference in the lives of children.

The Todd M. Beamer Foundation is headquartered in Princeton, NJ. The office space, which is several thousand square feet, was donated to the Foundation by Goldman Sachs.

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