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Mac-on-Linux supports Mac OS X (including Jaguar)
by Peter Cohen,
September 7, 2002 12:00 pm ET

Ibrium HB noted that Mac-on-Linux (MOL) now supports Mac OS X, 10.1 and 10.2 inclusive. MOL is an open source effort that enables Macs running PowerPC Linux to run Mac OS (and Mac OS X) natively while still working with Linux.


The new version, MOL 0.9.65, also supports little endian (remote) displays and features a couple of performance enhancements, according to the developer.

The software supports Mac OS 7.5.2 and higher, and has full screen video, MMU-accelerated X video, audio support, ADB and USB support, AltiVec support, and a variety of other features as well.

Because MOL runs natively on the processor, its developers say that it works very fast. There's another benefit, too -- MOL running Mac OS 8.6 or later doesn't require a ROM image to work.

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Reader forum - Join the discussion about this article
.This is not a bad thing!
.mdawson   - 09/09/02 12:05 PM
.Proof of IBM POWER4 compatibility?
.the_Mactivist   - 09/09/02 10:24 AM
.*Re: Proof of IBM POWER4 compatibility?
.roadwarrior   - 09/09/02 01:13 PM
.Jaguar on Power4
.swifty24   - 09/09/02 10:08 AM
.*No Power4 workstations
.AidenShaw   - 09/09/02 09:53 PM
.Non-Apple hardware!
.iJed   - 09/07/02 05:19 PM
.*Re: Non-Apple hardware!
.fatPipeMiah   - 09/07/02 10:54 PM
.What would be great.
.fermat81   - 09/07/02 05:08 PM
.*Re: What would be great.
.mdawson   - 09/09/02 12:18 PM
.Heh, that screenshot would have been better...
.Crosis   - 09/07/02 04:24 PM
.*Re: Heh, that screenshot would have been better...
.baggins   - 09/10/02 01:49 PM
.*Re: Heh, that screenshot would have been better...
.notyetmac   - 09/09/02 06:37 AM
.*Re: Heh, that screenshot would have been better...
.antman   - 09/09/02 05:22 PM
.*Re: Heh, that screenshot would have been better...
.notyetmac   - 09/10/02 07:49 AM
.*Voltar looks so cuddly in the screenshot :) *NM*
.Kwill   - 09/07/02 06:37 PM
.Does this mean OS X runs on pre-G3's?
.bondtrails   - 09/07/02 02:43 PM
.*Re: Does this mean OS X runs on pre-G3's?
.iJed   - 09/07/02 09:30 PM
.*Re: Does this mean OS X runs on pre-G3's?
.ForrestB   - 09/08/02 01:47 PM
.*Re: Does this mean OS X runs on pre-G3's?
.iJed   - 09/08/02 06:44 PM
.*Woo Hoo
.gabebear   - 09/07/02 03:51 PM
.Now we just need LOM
.Arcturax   - 09/07/02 02:31 PM
.*Ummm... *NM*
.Crosis   - 09/07/02 04:16 PM
.*or run VPC with i386 LINUX
.jscotta   - 09/07/02 11:22 PM
.What's the point?
.cunnin61   - 09/07/02 12:55 PM
.*Re: What's the point?
.gabebear   - 09/07/02 03:56 PM
.*Re: What's the point?
.MacOSXAddict   - 09/07/02 07:33 PM
.*Re: What's the point?
.zedwards   - 09/09/02 10:02 AM
.*Re: What's the point?
.MacOSXAddict   - 09/09/02 10:32 AM
.*Re: What's the point?
.kcbruce   - 09/07/02 02:35 PM
.Back to front?
.neondiet   - 09/07/02 12:48 PM
.*Re: Back to front?
.bobbob   - 09/07/02 08:13 PM
.*Re: Back to front?
.GregX   - 09/07/02 07:07 PM
.*Re: Back to front?
.Robert_Martens   - 09/07/02 01:36 PM

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