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PIRCH98 is Copyright © 1995-1999 Northwest Computer Services. All Rights Reserved.



PIRCH is shareware. If you like PIRCH and continue to use it, we ask that you send $20.00 US check or money order to :

Northwest Computer Services
PO Box 622
Thief River Falls, MN 56701

PIRCH is being offered on the 'honor' system. There are no limitations and no 'nag' screens. I hear complaints all the time about the excessive cost of software as a justification for violating the License Agreement of software manufacturer's. Well, it just don't get much cheaper than this.

Under no circumstances may PIRCH be distributed by anyone in conjunction with any commercial activity unless special licensing arrangements are made in advance with Northwest Computer Services.


This software is provided AS IS and isn't even guaranteed to work. Furthermore, if you use it, you can't hold me or Northwest Computer Services responsible for anything, either real or imagined. Period.
If you prefer to have a warranty, please send $50,000.00 in US Funds (cashier check only) to the address above. This will entitle you to a Limited Warranty in which you may recover damages NOT to exceed $2.50 for damages to your neighbors goats caused by PIRCH on any February 31st in which a full solar eclipse occurs at midnight. What a deal eh?
These are the only warranties either expressed or implied.

PIRCH is Copyright © 1995,1996,1997,1998 Northwest Computer Services. All Rights Reserved.