Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       12 Ben, 16 Ceh, 10 Caban        

Selamat Jarin! We arrive again, dear Hearts! Much is unfolding in secret that soon will be revealed to you. These recent developments fill our hearts with boundless joy! They correspond well to the modified first contact scenario to which we introduced you in our last message. Therefore, we feel that we must tell you a little more about what we have been doing to assure your forthcoming success. Supervised by Mother Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, we have instituted an increased observational grid around your planet. Its purpose is to prevent the drastic efforts by a last, obstinate cabal from fomenting specific actions that would lead to their most cherished objective - a global war. They intend to provoke a conflict that leads to the declaration of worldwide martial law, which would be implemented under their supervision. In this environment of conflict, they intended to instigate a 'pogrom' that would eliminate all opposition, giving them complete control over your world. With this stratagem, the dark would have left us with only one option - a sudden mass landing upon your shores.

      Happily, these base attempts have largely failed. We have allowed only a few of them to occur, and only so that we could discover what was planned next. As a result of what we have learned, we are completely confident that these heinous strategies will not succeed. Their failure has caused a widespread backlash that is isolating this cabal from its potential allies. For the past seven years, your world has witnessed a mammoth, complex political game that has been waged on a global scale. The game occurred when the Anunnaki decided to move toward the Light. It created a serious dilemma for their earthly minions: either to cooperate with the Light and allow a number of important political and financial changes to manifest, or to resist and attempt to institute a system that would enslave Earth's humanity. This launched a series of actions that will lead to your ultimate victory. Its final stages will involve what amounts to a legal overthrow of one of your major governments. Many individuals, both in the military and in high civilian office, have worked with their counterparts around your globe to achieve what is now about to unfold.

      We have taken a profound interest in this process. This last cabal illegally seized control of a major government. More than six months ago, this same cabal performed a highly specialized action, executed by its black ops intelligence agencies, which it then blamed on a ring of international terrorists that it previously had created and long had financed. Assisted by its media allies, it has perpetrated a great crime. Fortunately, many groups and individuals, in a position to put a stop to this travesty, have forged ahead and are nearly ready to put an end to this group of extremely arrogant and dangerous men and women. The group that opposes this vile cabal has the full support of many important world governments, crucial financial organizations and members of the military, who courageously have put forward plans to support the complete overthrow of this most despicable regime. To assist them, we have permitted use of our personnel and even our fleet when it is deemed necessary. By helping them, we desire to ensure their victory, as well as the quick manifestation of your freedom and personal sovereignty.

     We have carefully observed this cabal's continuous attempts to foment atrocities as depraved as that which they committed some six months ago. On numerous occasions, Galactic Federation of Light liaisons, scout craft and even atmospheric command ships have had to intervene to prevent similar acts from occurring. We also have organized a special task force that is working diligently with the forces of Light on your world and is helping us to achieve some of the initial goals of first contact. They include the creation of a way to stop the UFO cover-up and allow us formal access to your global communication networks. Once we have received this permission, we can increase their recognition of us by directly addressing the people of Earth on vital issues such as your true history and how we have divinely come to your shores. Remember, dear Hearts, that this is not a rescue mission, but rather the fulfillment of divine prophecy.

      Our mission is divine. We have arrived upon your shores only to accomplish the work that Heaven has given us. That work is to carry out a mass landing upon your shores. Prior to that, our mission is to ensure your global society's readiness for this massive contact. This has led us into matters that, normally, we leave only for those directly involved in the daily operation of your world. However, when the Anunnaki moved to the Light, we were confronted with a special situation. In this case, we refused to intervene until we first had obtained approval from Heaven. To respect your wishes and desires, the degree of our interaction with the highest levels of your political, cultural, financial and governmental infrastructure has been carried out with the greatest of care. Nonetheless, the sacred Administrations of Heaven are our final authority in these interactions. Divine timing is in effect, dear Hearts. It, and it alone, is our ultimate arbiter.

      As a result of the process now unfolding, we wish to describe our intended actions, once we have succeeded in our plans. One of our first considerations is a vast fly-over in specific urban areas of your globe. Presently, we are conferring in secret with several of your governments with respect to this announcement. Our thought is to have them include this information in the statement. We are also working out a plan with those who are now appointed to succeed to power in this same major government. This agreement will present ways in which some new technologies can immediately be made known. At the moment, your world's economy is based on technology that is no longer viable. More workable technology needs to be introduced. It could also be instrumental in pushing your present conceptual paradigm in the right direction.

      Your destiny, dear Ones, is to become fully conscious Beings of the Light. Such Beings naturally dwell in galactic societies. The ultimate objective of our first contact mission is to help you achieve this wondrous future. At present, you have in your possession technologies that are unimaginable in your present paradigm. They demonstrate how easily you can move from being planetary humans to being galactic humans. This move is now underway. Although most of your population is officially unaware of these things, each of you has a sense that an event of extraordinary proportions is unfolding. Your awareness is a product of the transformation to which we long have alluded. Only now have you reached a point at which it is possible for you to learn about it, openly and publicly. This process has many ramifications.

      One of its major consequences is the swift transformation of sentient exclusivity that your many cultures and philosophies traditionally have taught. Moreover, there is your perception of what consciousness is, as well as its effect upon your scientific paradigms. These elements alter your collective perceptions of reality. They, in turn, open the door to our first contact with you. This mutation of your perceptions of reality is very important to us. You, dear Hearts, are only beginning to understand what lies ahead for you. Those who long have resisted the next great leap in your consciousness have had to make their last, desperate moves. In their approaching failure lies the dawning of a new day for Earth's humanity. Therefore, be gracious and be true in your treatment of them. Above all, look to Heaven and divinely carry out the sacred Will of the Creator.

      Today, we have expanded upon events that are soon to be manifested. We ask you to remain focused and fully committed to carrying out your coming victory. In this, be gracious and willing to accept that you all are players in a cosmic drama that is returning you, once again, to full consciousness. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts! Know deep within your Hearts that you will be victorious and that the Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven will be yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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