Robot Wars Extreme Grudge Match

Razer vs Pussycat - the rematch
Filmed September 1st 2001 at Elstree Studios, London

Following our fight against Pussycat in Series 4, both teams were eager for a rematch and we got our chance during Extreme in a series of bouts created for this very purpose. Although originally scheduled for filming at Earls Court, the fight was delayed and eventually took place after the filming of Series 5.

Now, to set the record straight, the Razer team do admire Pussycat as a clever design with a weapon capable of inflicting real damage. We wanted to prove that their previous win over us was our harsh luck due to a tiny brass strip falling out of a cutoff switch. We just wanted a fair fight (see Robot Wars UK Series 4 for full story).

As battle commenced we took care to avoid the vicious saw of Pussycat but took the initiative by hunting them down. We grabbed hold of the neck of their machine but as we weren't really causing much damage we let go and then gained a much better hold and pierced them. We lifted the arm and to our delight they stuck on the end. We carried them over to the flame pit to give them a grilling but they fell off the end of the arm. As they dropped off, their weapon was spinning and it hit our front wheel - the wheel broke and jammed up, leaving us pretty much immobile. We were a sitting target and were glad to see the Pussycat team had decided that beating the daylights out of an immobile opponent proves little and backed off. At one point it looked like the wheel had freed itself and they did give us a swipe with the blade, but left us be when they saw we still were going nowhere. A disappointment in some ways, but we were happy to lose in a fair fight. Alan Gribble admitted they were lucky as we had missed their Vantec speed controllers by a fraction when we pierced Pussycat.

A Tribute to David Gribble
Unfortunately, on October 13th 2001, just 2 days after this fight was first screened on BBC Choice, David Gribble (the driver of Pussycat) died in a motorbike accident. Despite our onscreen rivalry, both teams get on fine in real life and it was shocking to lose a friend who we always looked forward to seeing during competition. David was a great guy, well-loved in the roboteering community and achieved much in his life. This page is dedicated to his memory - well done Dave mate, you beat the World Champs twice. We miss you.

Pics from the Razer vs Pussycat Grudge Match
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The Pussycat team in the pits
Pussycat team being interviewed
Vinny and Simon at work on Razer
Defeated but happy
Well, nearly happy...
Damage we inflicted on Pussycat
The broken wheel from Razer
Pussycat get poetic