5.3" x .160"
Overall Length


6.3 oz
BG-42, Rc 60
Price $119.95
Kydex Sheath

TRFB82 TiNi X-42 Recondo

RFB81 X-42 Recondo®

In 1966, the MACV Recondo School was established to train Special Forces Units in long-range recon tactics and commando operations. Graduates of the school were capable of performing many duties including infiltrating into enemy-controlled territory for long periods of time without being resupplied. These highly skilled graduates were called "Recondos" and they exemplified courage and confidence. Thirty-four years later, the spirit of this school and its graduates is carried on in the X-42 Recondo which proudly bears the name. The X-42 Recondo combines SOG technology with state-of-the-art materials for a truly extreme configuration designed to meet the many challenges of today's world.

A SOG evolution in blade design, the X-42 Recondo features wicked grind lines that focus power on the edge and tip of the intensely sharp blade. The balance, feel and quickness of this knife are extraordinary. The Recondo's glass-reinforced Zytel handle is designed to provide maximum gripping, the ability to "index" quickly in low-light, as well as to move fluidly from front to reverse gripping positions.

These remarkable tactical advantages are combined with the most ultimate steel…BG-42 stainless. BG-42 stainless is the knife steel of the future. Used for years to make high-speed ball bearings and jet engine parts, it is exceptionally strong, corrosion resistant, and SOG tempers it to an outstanding Rockwell Hardness of 60. Due to its high cost, difficulty to manufacture and special cryogenic heat treating, BG-42 had not found its way into a production knife. We are the first production knife company to offer this incredible steel at an affordable price.

A knife this good should be carried in an equally good sheath. Our new Kydex sheaths exceed all previous standards. They are military belt and jump rated in addition to being quiet, self-draining and secure.


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