Can the 90 Million Church-Going Americans
Make New Film a Hollywood Chart Topper?

Time Changer hits the movie screens October 25th and writer-director Rich Christiano is hoping his time travel adventure will give the church-going public something they will really enjoy at the box office.

"The largest single audience of any kind is the church audience," says Christiano, "and they have been tremendously neglected by what Hollywood has to offer. We want to fill that void with spiritually uplifting films." Time Changer features a talented cast headed by D. David Morin, Gavin MacLeod, Hal Linden, Jennifer O'Neill and Paul Rodriguez.

Time Changer is the story of Russell Carlisle (D. David Morin), a Bible professor from 1890, who is told by a colleague (Gavin MacLeod) that his writings could drastically affect the future. Via a time machine, Carlisle is sent forward in time to the present and cannot believe what he discovers in the modern era. The situation sets up some very funny moments, but also some inward soul searching.

Every weekend Hollywood is putting out new films that it hopes will bring the public running to the theater. Maybe the time has come for a Christian film to be the drawing card. "It's a misconception to label this a 'religious' film. ALL films are religious," Christiano emphasizes. "Time Changer may be more conservative in its approach, but every film brings its own set of values and beliefs to the screen."

Christiano takes issue with the "harmless entertainment" notion. "Everything we see, on the big screen or TV, or even in print, influences us. Everyone knows it, even MTV. A while back they [MTV] refused to air a Madonna video that exceeded its acceptable values for TV viewing. Influence is the objective, which is why the medium is so powerful. Our goal here is to present viewers with a solid story that will have them thinking about what's really important in life."

Although the initial target audience for Time Changer is the Church, Christiano believes the movie will have a wider appeal. "We think the movie is very entertaining with some funny moments. It also has some drama that will pull at your emotions," Christiano says. "I think general audiences will be surprised at how quickly Time Changer will draw them into the story. And sooner or later, everyone thinks about life after death, which is what makes this film so pertinent. It offers some real answers to life's tough questions."

Christiano, along with his twin brother Dave, dreamed of being on the big screen someday. Rich wrote his first screenplay at 18 and although he had two offers on it, it was never produced. In 1986, the Christiano Brothers released their first movie, a popular short Christian film entitled, The Daylight Zone. Seven more short dramatic films aimed at church and youth groups followed as both brothers started producing and directing their own projects. All are available on the internet at

Time Changer is Rich's fourth film as director, and first feature. This film has been a 24/7, two-year project for him. He and his small production team have worn many hats. Time Changer's promotion and advertising budget is in the few thousands-not millions-like other major releases. "The best advertising is always word of mouth and if we have produced a good film, people will tell others about it," says his brother Dave. For the theater nearest you, trailers, and more information, visit the official website at:

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