Actually Germany is becoming one of the country with more Black Metal bands, and bands like Dies Ater and Lunar Aurora are becoming more an more known in the scene, but also underground has some really original bands, like Carpe Noctem that play an epic-black metal with more than interesting folk parts, I think that who likes the folk black metal bands like for example Falkenbach will like their music really a lot. Mostly of their songs remember me about past times, and I am sure that thanks to it also you will understand something more about the long forgotten years of the Old Age.

1) The usual question, tell me about story of your group and actual line-up.

Carpe Noctem from Leer, Germany was founded in October 1997 by me (Iwein, Guitar and Vocals), my brother Galeff (Drums) and Karathorn (Bass, Vocals), just for the reason to play the music we like and live. Troll (Guitar) joined us one month later. This line-up is also the actual line-up.

2) I like really lot your cover, tell me something about it and meaning of your monicker and name of your demo.

The name "Carpe Noctem" means to benefit by the night. For us it symbolizes our special affinity to the night and darkness. On the other side thereīs the blinding light of christ. Our cover shows a black wolf that symbolizes the night hunting the day symbolized by the white riders.
He introduces the upcoming night, the time of Carpe Noctem.
Galeff (drums): "Itīs also very atheistic. Symbolized by non christian metaphors itīs night and day that rule our lives, not only (day)light. Just as there is love and hate, not only love. But there is no good and evil (e.g. some think joy in sex is good, some (christian fundamentalists) think itīs evil). So thereīs no god and no devil. These could only be metaphors not worth praying for." The term "Days of Dark Winter" was a symbol for our creativity at the time our first songs were written. I still remember these days (lousy, cold...). We thought this expression would fit for our demo and our mood these days.

3) I havenīt lyrics so I should like knowing what they are about and who write lyrics.

The lyrics are mostly written by Galeff, else by me. they tell different stories on different locations but they all have something in common. Someone is very frustrated and often it guides him into hate, eg. in one story a man has lost his wife because the christians burnt her as a witch, what makes him kill the bishop, so he is the next to be hunted.

4) I read you like writing about love freedom, heathen pride and misanthropy.

It is true that we write about our love to freedom. This is our way to express our distance to all kinds of religious rules of special communities.
We live in our own, very individualistic life. As a Nihilist I personally feel a lot of misanthropic influences in me, too (I wonīt mind if mankind will be destroyed tomorrow). But our connection with the heathen culture is misinterpreted. We all are atheists, not heathens! I personally do not believe in any god or religion, so the whole heathen mythology does not play a real role in my life.

5) What do you think about folk/black metal groups like Falkenbach ?

It is funny that you mention Falkenbach because I am in contact with Vratyas Vakyas from time to time. I really like the way he expresses emotions in his music. He knows how to create a special atmosphere with more or less simple but very good melodies. We all love bands like Storm and Isengard, especially to me their music had a big influence.

6) Actually in Germany there are really very good groups like Gorbalrog, Dies Ater and Lunar Aurora, do you like/dislike these groups? What do you think about german black metal scene?

I listened to the bands you mentioned. From the musical point they are really good I think, but personally I think they use too much Keyboards in their music. I like keyboards, but not in fast Black Metal !
But I agree with you, that there are a lot of good german bands.
Unfortunately most of them are still very unknown. These bands do not get a platform, because most of the german labels just look for bands with whom they can earn money. But this is nothing new...
Nevertheless an underground metal scene is still alive, maybe it is stronger than before. I think the more bands like Mystic Circle appear, the stronger the REAL scene gets. The will to kick the asses of some commercial bands keeps us together.

7) Do you think that paganism could never rise again in Europe like in the ancient times ?

We think that the change from paganism to christianity was a step back from humanity. But as I said before it is not our aim to wish the old times of paganism back. The aim has to be to liberate from all religions !!!

8) Personally I can say that I adore your folk parts, do you think to add them also in the further releases?

I am pleased to hear that you like these parts. Our folk influences become more and more important in our future songs. But this does not mean that our music will sound softer or cleaner. We love to combine folkloristic vocals on the one hand with extreme and aggressive screams on the other hand. But maybe we will write a complete folk-based song soon, who knows.

9) What about plans for the next future?

We hope to record a new CD soon, we already have four songs to perform live that are not on our demo. And of course we hope to get a deal from a label that shares our philosophy of underground music. But playing live is more important for us; we are always looking for possibilities to perform on stage, so anyone who wants to experience a battlefield on stage should contact us. Any band who wants to contact us, should do this too of course.