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Dee-Dee Ramone
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Nads Bio (1997-2002)

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The Nads C.D/Cassette Releases: 
 A complete distography of the Nads, Pianosaurus Rex and Crazy Jay!

Coming this Fall 2002 /Winter 2003: The Nads Live Album, and The Cornwall Underground 3. The Nads also submited a song to Kick'em While they are Down Vol.2. Details TBA!
On Friday, Sept 13th & Saturday, Sept 14th there was a Two-Day C.D. Release Bash for the Manufacturing Dissent Compilation C.D. featuring: the Soft Disaster, After the Troops Leave, The Creeps, Sonora, F#ck the Facts (FTF), Zephyr, Gay as the Day is Long, Moss, The Donner Party, Shatnr, Red Hemsley, Faraday, The Nads, The Joynt, Radiodazed, Billy Boone, Jacob Earl, Loveless, Organized Chaos, and Pork Meringue (All Ottawa Bands - many playing one of the two shows!). The Nads song on is "I'm not a Gee-Gee". 
Ghetto Blast 2002 compilation C.D. features the Nads song "Joey Ramone". It also features F%ck the Facts (Ottawa), along with Dysmorfic (Italiy), Goldar, C#ntGrinder (Germany), Kadaverficker (Germany), Gramd Facade (USA), and Mersrine. A total of 8 artist perform 13 songs in about 20 mins. The comp features mostly metal, grindcore, and hardcore. The Nads synth style really sticks out on this already crazy and amazing comp. Topon of Ghetto has given me permission to reprodcue the comp. It's available through me!
The "Joey Ramone E.P." C.D.  (March 2002) features songs that have appeared on CU comps, on my website, on the radio, and it also has previously unreleased material too! The album is a tribute to Joey Ramone, and hence the song about him. It also has a remix of Soccer Mom, as well as a Pinanosaurus Rex song, and the previously unreleased track Jello Biafra vs. Tipper Gore. The C.D. is E.P length at about 15mins, and has a lot of my best material over the last two years featured. Their was a C.D. release party in Ottawa, and it is on sale at stores now!
The Cornwall Underground 2 was released Aug. 2001. Special thanks to PONR & Neil, Julie, Melody Music, and the Orbit. Also special thanks to Shawn & Mellisa for helping to "package" the c.d.'s. This C.D. has higher sound quality, more bands, and more secret tracks. The Nads song is TrenchCoat McCarthyism. Bands not featured on the first C.D. but on the CU2 are Nevergreen, Korruption, Misunderstood?, Mofo, etc. This album took 2 weeks to sellout, and Misunderstood ran the C.D. release Party!
Pianosaurus Rex C.D
Recorded: March 2001. The Pianosaurus Rex album, "Hard-core for the whole Family", features an all star band of No Stars! The lead singer is from the Cornwall band, the Nads, and the Piano player is David Moon, from Instant Ninja. The Guitar player and the Drum player are too embarrassed to admit their real names. There is no bass player, which made it interesting. This band sounds like a sick version of the doors. This 4 song E.P is from their first band practice EVER! 
Rotten Apples 4 Harris
The Nads third c.d. was released in March 2001. The Cover has Jason Ramone (with rotten apples in hand), with Chirs Wattie, protesting a visit by a certain Ontario premier. This C.D. has 14 tracks, plus a bonus track, an entire Nads concert Live. This c.d. is somewhat professionally done, and uses an amazing sound program, and has Phil Bennett, doing guitar on three of the tracks. Songs included are: I'm not a Gee-Gee, Gap Girl, Project Truth, WTO Protest Song, Rock N' Roll Wesley Willis, Ontario Uber Alles, and much more!
Old School C.D
The Nads second c.d. was released in Nov. 2000. This C.D. has 35 old school songs. Including original versions of Soccer Mom, Chop Chop UFO, etc., remixed from original cassettes demos between 1997-1999. It also has cover songs from the Nads 2000 cassette, Saturday Night Fever,  as well as unreleased tracks, and live tracks, and demo tracks with the Nads new blue star guitar. This c.d. has lots of songs, most of which are utter crap, but this c.d. is so awful it's actually pretty funny. Any Nads fan will still get a good kick out of this album. 
Cornwall Comp
This c.d. was released in Aug. 2000. This EYV Production was created by Jason Setnyk and Chris Wattie. It was all DIY, including the album, and local punk rockers helped burn copies of the c.d. There are 22 tracks from: Punch N' Judy, Struggle, O4, Simon Richie Group,  Third South, Recoil, Biomass, Danway, Ritual, Dead as Dillenger, EOH, D104, Point of No Return, The Nads, Freeway, Simulated Bakon, Fneh, Proposition 9, Scoff's Revenge, Red Lemmings,  KOTWPR, and Stalemate. Check out an Mp3 of the Nads Soccer Mom that appears on the comp!
Nads Demo C.D
The Nads Demo C.D. was released in June 2000. This was the first c.d. under Eat Your Veggies Productions (EYV), and Chris Wattie's Label was finally brought to life. The C.D. has 19 songs including such hits as Soccer Mom, Chop Chop UFO, Mohawk boy, and Westbeachgirl. There are also two live songs, as well as Fneh and Pushover cover songs. Many of the songs were created with a midi program called Jamming Keys. Check out an Mp3 of Soccer Mom!
The Nads: Saturday Night Fever, Dec 1999. Song # 30: Features: Midi Versions of Soccer Mom, Chop Chop UFO, and Mohawk Boy, plus tons of cover songs!

The Nads: YMNF, July 1999. Song # 20. Features: Original acoustic versions of Soccer Mom and YMNF, plus DK, Ramones, and Nofx cover songs!

The Nads: Anti-Conformity, Dec 1999. Song # 50 Features: Mohwak Boy, Cornwall Priest, Tommy Girl, Smash the Klan, Inner Circle, and more!

The Nads & Proposition 9 Live: Aug. 22nd 1998 @ Lola's Pub and Grub. Features: Nads live at my first punk show with Chris Wattie's band. Thanks to Steph, Chad, Fneh, and f#ck Wolfman jack!

The Nads: Put The Aryans to Sleep, Dec 1997. Song # 50.  Features: Chop Chop UFO,  Pep Rally,  Snack on Crack, White Buffalo, and more!

The Nads: Human Dictionary, Aug. 1997. Song # 46. Features: Nadine, ANarchy in Canada, Human Dictionary, and a lot of other crap!

Crazy Jay: Cheese, Aug. 97. Song # 32.  Features: A bunch of short crappy songs on an accordion! The next day I recorded the Nads first album!

Crazy Jay: Another Road Kill Attraction, Spring of 1997. Song # 18.  Features: If you like this song you're probably a jockey (parody of Ahead by a Century by the Hip), YM Junky, Addicted to the Internet, The Beautiful Meatball (Parody of the Beautiful People), and more!

Crazy Jay: Unjagged Big Pill, 1996. Song # 16.  Features: Public Washrooms, You Burn (Parody of You Learn by Alanis M),  Any Thing But the Macrena!, and much more!

Crazy Jay: Cookie, 1994-1995. Song # 16.  Features: Menedez Brothers Polka, Just Because, Chum (Parody of Chump by Greenday), and much more!

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