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This is a two player game. Battle against a friend in various arenas using a vast number of weapons to aid you. The game also includes a level editor to allow you to construct more arenas to fight in.


  • Over 5 different weapons
  • Different gameplay styles
  • Maps can be created or edited with the included level editor

The weapons

DaggerYour standard weapon. Doesn't do much damage but you have an unlimited supply. Get a better weapon quick!
BazookaToken Rocket Launcher. Slow reload rate and only 3 shots. Explodes on impact though to deal out decent damage.
Flame ThrowerShort range Flame Thrower. Contains enough fuel for a one second burst. You can deal out terrific damage with this.
BombsTime bombs. Throw these around the screen. If they disappear off any of the sides they wrap around. Exploding after 3 seconds, this weapon can cause havoc
Laser CannonLaser Cannon. The beams from this weapon tear through everything. There's no point hiding behind a wall, it'll get through it like a hot knife through butter.
DoomDoom. This rare weapon explodes on contact to produce an intense fireball. Don't get too close when using this or you'll go up too.
Bounce BombsBounce Bombs. Richocetting off the walls and wrapping around the screen this weapon explodes on contact with a player, ANY player. It does not discriminate.
HealthHealth. Restores 100 health to the player.
ShieldShield. Grants invulnerability for 5 seconds. Coupled with Doom will almost guarantee you the kill.


Menu Screen Bounce Bomb fun
New weapons materialising Death by Flamer Thrower


This code may be used as the user wishes, with the exception of any commerical (including shareware) package. Since you are receiving this code for free, the program you make it a part of should also be free (hey, that's only fair, right?).

You can credit Parallel Realities if you wish, although it is not necessary.


Download the binary suitable for your machine

Windows Binary

Linux x86 Binary

Amiga Binary

Source Code

The code is written in C using SDL. Several makefiles are included in the archive.

Fighters Source Code

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