from the bizarre and astounding dossier of stef lenk.
mail art. (selected)

sent to brisbane, australia,
sometime in 1998

sent to new york city; 2002

sent to vasteras sweden
1996 sometime.

(above) sent to london england;
sometime in 1997

sent to vasteras, sweden;1996 as well.

sent to vasteras, sweden; 1996 (a profitable year for canada post)

the above is/was a functioning periscope letter. made of foamcore, there are small mirrors in the top and bottom corners, facing each other at 45 degree angles, so that the viewer looks into the bottom of the vessel, turns the knobs (on which the letter is attached as an unrolling scoll), and reads the letter reflected accordingly. a definite highlight in my epistolary experiment ation. (1998 i think.)

before i went to art school, before zines, before most everything, in fact, there were letters. i was a letter addict. it turned into a game after a while, to see just how much canada post (and british post, for two and a half years) would let me get away with. i wrote letters and sent them in plastic bottles, socks (with the address and postage sewn on), cut up and put in sandwich boxes, and so on you get the picture. to their credit, british/canada post never failed me. of late, us post seems fairly accomodating as well, though the collaged envelopes take less of the wind out of their sorting machinery, i imagine.
.the unfortunate prolificity of computers has now rendered me predominantly an email junky, but back in the day it was all about mail art. all of the above were posted, the lack of stamps in some is merely due to the time i xeroxed them. that is to say, i had to travel across the world to get a copy of some of these babies; recently i've smartened up and started archival copying BEFORE sending them out.