6.25" x .280"
Overall Length


12.2 oz
AUS8 Stainless Steel,
Rc 57-58 - Faceted Tip
Engraved with SEAL Trident
Price $274.95
Black Leather Sheath with Sharpening Stone

S2 Trident

The second knife in the SOG line, the Trident has stood the test of time to remain one of our most popular fixed blades. Named in honor of the highly specialized US Navy SEALs, it bears their emblem with the utmost respect and honor.

A captivating knife, the Trident features SOG's renowned bowie-style blade and marries it with a breathtaking stacked micarta handle with satin-finished stainless steel crossguard. In-hand, one is immediately drawn to its silky feel, exquisite balance and profound sharpness. This amazing knife evokes the image of the consummate warrior and is truly worth of its namesake. Carry it with pride in its high-quality black leather scabbard.

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