The Fool

The 11th Path


1 = A = 0

The letter A
The Order: 1 The Value: 0
Title: Spirit of the Aethyr
Intelligence: Scintillating

This is the 11th Path on the Qabalistic Tree of Life connecting the 1st Path Kether - The Crown with the 2nd Path, Chockmah - Wisdom. It is attributed to the first Hebrew letter valued at 1, Aleph, which means ox, and has a value of 111 in gematria when spelled out. It is assigned the Astrological/Alchemical Element of Air. (Please see LIBER A vel FOLLIS .)

Meditations on the shape of the letter A:

The Fool's Cap.
A Wizard or Witch's Hat.
The alchemical symbol for Air.
3 Lines.
A Triangle.
A Pyramid with a Capstone.
5 Points.
The Pentagram aright, or Pent-alpha (five interlaced A's).
An arrow designating a point in space.
The Zenith - the Highest Point directly overhead.
The Adorer, with legs wide apart and hands held overhead in prayer or supplication.
The Goddess Nuit, Her body arched over Space with hands and feet touching the ground.
The Sumerian cunieform for the number 10, and the glyph of their Goddess Ishtar.
The Constellation of Taurus, the bull (or ox).


The Circle

Symbol of Path 0, the Ain Soph Aur, as well as the 11th Path of Aleph, The Fool.

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