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About NetBill

Introduction to NetBill

NetBill is a dependable, secure and economical payment method for purchasing digital goods and services through the Internet. NetBill is currently in its Alpha Trial at Carnegie Mellon and uses fake money.

Using NetBill is easy. Consumers use a NetBill account to purchase goods. The account is pre-funded using a credit card. To purchase goods, the consumers simply select the good they want, and NetBill handles the rest through consumer software called the Money Tool:

  • The goods are delivered in encrypted form to the consumer's machine.
  • The Money Tool verifies receipt.
  • Money is debited from the consumer's pre-funded NetBill account.
  • The goods are displayed automatically for the consumer.

The NetBill payment system is made possible through a series of protocols and security measures working together to enable secure communications and transactions between merchants and consumers.

This section outlines what makes NetBill work. A demo is also available.

This section outlines the security measures that NetBill takes to ensure that all communications and transactions are completed securely.

The NetBill Project
NetBill is a research project at Carnegie Mellon University in conjunction with Mellon Bank and CyberCash.

About NetBill

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