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8 August 2002
A Different Bomb - revisited

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"I read this week in The British Daily Mail that the FBI have sent to the UK police the names and addresses of 7,000 UK citizens who provided credit card information to a U.S. sex site which - they say - portrayed illegal, underage subjects. I'm not sure about the differences between UK and US law on internet porn, but I feel that I should repost my article from January this year written when a friend of mine who had suffered childhood sexual abuse committed suicide. I withdrew it when my site closed in the Spring and decided not to repost it when we reopened for The Who tour.

I am preparing another piece about my 'Future Fear' (as contained in the darker side of the Lifehouse story) that the internet absolutely MUST be restrained by those who provide access to it long before more complex forms of sexual entertainments start to be offered via Broadband and 'Virtual Reality' systems. Imagine a world where young women, young men and children from 'Third World' countries are used as characters in sexually enticing internet plays of some kind. These will be aimed at those sex-addicts with money in the 'First World', the profit collected by credit card of course. At the moment, that is what is happening on the internet alongside more 'normal' pornography sites. There is no point at all, in my opinion, locking up internet porn addicts. Children will continue to get hurt.

It is what we call the 'E-Com' route from 'First World' to 'Third World' that needs to be interrupted. If people wish to distribute unacceptable material freely via the internet we cannot stop them. The very nature of the internet is to allow free, borderless exchange of uncensored information, opinion and media. But the very nature of 'E-Com' is to collect money via credit card. That is expressly a 'First World' business run predominantly by Western banks and with profits commissioned by Western Internet Service Providers.

There is no reason I can see that this should be allowed to go on where sex-sites are operating outside the laws and accepted moral criteria of the West.

Am I wrong?"

A Different Bomb (Adobe Acrobat document: 15KB)