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Company synopsis:

Megalo Music is the product of musician/producer Michael Goodis. Michael began composing music for a multitude of applications, soon realizing that his main interest was in composing music and designing sound for film (and other audio/visual applications). In 1991, after graduating Duquesne University with a B.A. in jazz performance (cum laude) and establishing himself within the local film community, he founded Megalo Music, which has become his base for creating, scoring, composing, and performing music--always maintaining a standard of excellence.

Through years of experimenting with audio production in every situation conceivable, Megalo Music has the uncanny ability to make virtually anything imagined become a living reality. We have gained a great deal of respect in the audio production community due to our extreme detail in quality and high standards. Our passion for creating music and audio design has a profound impact on every project we undertake.

Credits (brief)

Film And Video:

Hallmark Tassone Group - Adelphia "Powerlink" television commercials.  Megalo Music created score and sound design,
PATransit "We're Not Standing Pat" television spots.  Megalo Music provided custom sound design and music.

Dymun/Nelson Co. - Dollar Bank "Park Here" television commercials. Megalo Music created score and sound design.

Matrix Essentials Inc. - Mackinder Hairware (Vivienne Mackinder, Betsy Johnson, Nicole Miller),  Altitude Collection,  Fashion Focus '96, Virtual Collection,  Vital Nutrients,  Icon/Altieri,  Fall Winter '98',  Biolage,  Amplify. Megalo Music created award winning musical scores and sound design for a multitude of Matrix Essentials product and fashion trend presentations.

Valhalla - Local television spot for Valhalla restaurant promotion. Megalo Music provided sound design.

On Beat Productions - Undertakings, Bad Blood, My Worst Enemy.  Megalo Music scored music for these festival winning super eight and sixteen millimeter films.

Vacant Films - By The Dawns Early Rise.  Megalo Music provided an orchestral score for this film.

Bright Books - Little Peoples Guide to the Big World.  Megalo Music scored music for this children's television pilot.


Take 2 Interactive Software - Black Dahlia (starring Dennis Hopper and Terri Garr),  Jetfighter Fullburn,  Ripper (starring Christopher Walken and Burgess Meredith),  Hell,  Iron and Blood*,  Millennia,  Battlecruiser 3000,  Bill Cosby's Picture Pages,  Star Crusader,  Maximum Roadkill.
Megalo Music is the sole provider of sound design, sound editing, foley, adr and localization for these software titles.
*Megalo Music created a  musical score for the eight Warriors of Chaos on the Sony Playstation software title Iron and Blood.

Mission Studios - Jetfighter 3 Megalo Music provided sound editing and design.

Microprose - Bloodnet 2000 Megalo Music provided sound editing and design.

Microleague - Time Out Sports Megalo Music provided sound editing and design.

Production and Engineering:

Watershed - Duckbill Hammer, Blue Plate Tectonics.  Megalo Music assisted Watershed in producing, engineering and mastering these national releases.

Art and Fashion Group - Various Pittsburgh fashion shows.  Megalo Music engineered and mixed the audio.


Pittsburgh Addy Awards - 1998Certificate of Merit for Composer/Sound Designer on the Adelphia "Powerlink" campaign.

International Television Association (ITVA) - 1997 Award of Excellence for Matrix Essentials Inc.  for best show in Sales and Marketing of their new Vital Nutrients product line.  Megalo Music provided all music and sound design.

Cleveland Society of Communicating Arts (CSCA) Exhibition of Excellence - 1995 Merit Award for Original Score.


Megalo Music 1999 all rights reserved

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