Leonarda Land
Where everyone goes crazy
Where everyone has fun
Where there's rock n' roll
Where George Harrison is alive
What can I tell you about myself which you
haven't already found out from
those who don't lie?

helloshalombonjourolakonichiwawhatever. It's jibberish. Means Hello. Hello.
The name here is Leonarda. Some of you know me as LeonardaGoldefishe, Leonarda3000, Leonarda G. Harrison, or simply simple LeonardaBeatle. I would be happier if you just called me Guitariel. Thank you. If you're in a spicy mood, call me Sitariel, but as I don't know quite yet how to play sitar, just call me Guitariel.
Hum let's see, what can I say about me? As you may have already guessed, I love rock n' roll. I have a dark and lonesome face, and when I grow up I could be a philosopher or an artist or both.
Although the world says I'm sweet, quiet, and shy, I can be a dark, dangerous rebel if you piss me off. And when I'm around my favorite jammers, I can't shut up! You should see me with my dad and brother...we're the laughing stock of the neighborhood. (And Aba, if you're reading this now, I have a kiss for faja and I'm sending all my loving to you! Love You To!)
So that's all for Sitariel here. Zoom Zooom Hello Goodbye.

George H. Harrison
Beatles Guitarist

'George himself is no mystery. It's watching himself uncover the mystery that's so damn exciting.' That's what John Lennon said about George in 1968. Once you know more about him, you find out that it's true. George is no mystery.

I'm not about to say any boring biographies. If you are interested just read the Beatles Anthology or Harrison or I Me Mine or something like that.
As a little kid I didn't know a lot about the Beatles. I just remember that my parents kept talking about John "Lenan" who was shot in front of the Dakota. My friends were really into the Beatles though. Every Saturday we'd go to our synagogue, and my friends would always suggest we sing the prayer, "Adon Olam" to the tune of Yellow Submarine. I had no idea what that was, but I went along with them anyway.
When I was about eight years old I heard my aunt and uncle talking about the Beatles. I also saw they had these plates on display with pictures of the Beatles on them. They told me about them and their names, but the only one I could remember was Ringo because his name was so catchy.
As I grew older, I started to be more interested in them. I read a kiddie book on them and my dad gave me CDs of their music. I still didn't know all the Beatles though, and I still couldn't tell who was who.
Then...one dark cold dreary morning...December 30, 2001...we were driving to school, listening to the radio, as usual...then, my mom said three words, "George Harrison died."
George Harrison. The name sounded so familiar, but I couldn't remember where I heard it. "George Harrison? Who's George Harrison?" I asked.
"Oh, he was one of the Beatles," she said, and just kept driving. I didn't know him that well, but inside I felt my heart drop.
For the next month, I kept seeing a handsome face on the cover of all the magazines. I kind of guessed he was George Harrison and I thought, "Wow this guy's cute and really sexy! I want to learn more about him and the Beatles."
A few weeks later, we were going down to Florida, and we were looking in a bookstore at the airport when I saw a Beatles magazine. I decided to get it because it looked pretty cool. I got it and read it on the plane and looked at all the pictures. It was pretty fun.
That spring, I received All things must Pass,  the Beatles Anthology, Dark Horse: The Life and Art of George Harrison, and Harrison by the editors of Rolling stone as a gift. Later during the summer, I started reading them. I listened to the song Across the Universe, and I thought, wow, I forgot how great the Beatles are! George Harrison became a great role model for me.
One night, I was staring at the cover of All things must Pass, and I started sobbing. It was all too much. I couldn't believe such a beautiful guy had died. All I did was cry and say over and over, "I love you."
But then, I realized that I shouldn't be too sad over his death, because he wouldn't have liked it. He sent me a message: ALL THINGS MUST PASS.
Love you, George. Hopefully you're having lots of fun now, and may you always be at peace. I hope you found God.

 Although his body is dead, you can feel the presence of his spirit, and his music plays on. With a heart of gold, George Harold Harrison will last forever.

It's not always going to be this grey

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Note: For all of you reading this, tell everyone you know, join us in a silent meditation on November 29, 2002 from 1:25 PM to 1:35 PM. Thank you!


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