Sebastian Elmaloglou
plays Max Sutherland

Sebastian Elmaloglou joins Home and Away as a regular cast member playing Max Sutherland.

Sebastian is 12 years of age and was born on the 29th September. You may recognise his last name - and yes he is related to Rebekah Elmaloglou who also starred on Home and Away almost 10 years ago as Sophie, when Sebastian was just a baby.

Sebastian has always wanted to perform and joined Keane Kids at the age of 2 and he still remains with the group, where he attends acting and dance classes.

Sebastian has had other smaller roles on television including GP, where he had a couple of guest roles.

Home and Away however, is Sebastian's first on-going role on a television series. Sebastian plays the role of Max Sutherland who returns to the Bay after his father sends him back to his uncle Rhys' family (The Sutherlands) for a better life, while his father tries to get out of debt.

Sebastian enjoys playing the role of Max but is quick to point out that he is different to his character.

'He is nothing like me because he is accused for everything as he is very cheeky and I'm not like that,' he says.

Sebastian is enjoying his experience on Home and Away and says, 'I am meeting new people and having a lot of fun and learning all the time.'

The only downside to his character is that he likes to surf which means he is in the water a lot on really cold days!

Sebastian has also done a lot of Theatre work, having notched up a couple of plays, including Sydney Theatre Company's, La Dispute and Gypsy Boy in 2000. He was also involved in 'Burning Piano' at Belvoir Theatre.

Sebastian has also been involved in three Operas.

But for now Sebastian is following in his big sister's footsteps, 10 years on. He tunes into the early years and watches Rebekah all those years ago.

'It is so funny watching Rebekah because she looks completely different. I have been told that when I was a baby and we were out together as a family, people would go up to Bec and ask her if I was her baby, after she had the baby on the show,' he says with a chuckle.

Sebastian currently attends High School and is in Year 7, so he juggles study with Home and Away at present.

His favourite subjects being History, Design and Technology, because he 'gets to cook', he says, which he enjoys.

Sebastian loves to 'make things' like remote control cars and he loves going down to the beach and snorkelling.

He lives at home with his family, his mum and dad and cousin. Apart from Rebekah, Sebastian also has three older siblings, brothers Dom, Peter and Tony. We can't forget his pets which are two lovely birds Will and Tom.

His favourite shows are The Simpsons, Rove Live and Always Greener. He also loves listening to The Beatles and loves Star Wars!


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