House of Blues Pics September 3, 2002
New pictures have been added to the Pictures section. These pictures are from the mini-tour with NOFX and were taken at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida on March 6, 2002. Thank you to Chris Skeene for his outstanding camera work.

My Thoughts on the Record September 2, 2002
Hi everyone, this is Jon, I maintain this website (I am the guy who so elegantly played bass during Sweet Sixteen at the July 6th show). Some people on the guestbook have been asking for more updates about how the recording is going. Well, you all know that Dan, Pete and Tim are three very humble guys, so if you asked them how the new stuff sounds, they might say "Oh, we are happy with it so far", or they might even go as far as saying "We think it sounds rad." So I wanted to give you all a non-band member, non-biased update on the recording thus far. I've heard a lot of the new stuff, and it sounds sick as s***. Even the self-proclaimed "old" Inspection 12 fans are going to enjoy the new record, because there will be 6 or so old songs on it. The new songs are really going to make the record though, because the band has tried out some new styles and have incoporated some new instruments. Oh and not to mention, Tim recorded all of the drums while he was in a straight-jacket. What a beast! But seriously, you all won't be disappointed. They are over halfway done, so early 2003 is still a good estimate for a release date. I hope that helped, we'll be putting up more information about the album in the weeks to come.

Studio Update August 16, 2002
Hey guys. Tim and Dan here. We've been in the studio for almost a week and everything's goin' rad. The drums are over halfway done and we should be starting on bass and guitars soon. The old songs we picked to re-record are based on what we thought people would wanna hear. Nothing to Lose is one, as well as Labels are for Cans. People always whine about us not playing these songs so we decided to acually lay them down - so I don't wanna hear anymore complaining OK? Seriously though, it's turning out well and we're really excited for everyone to hear the new stuff. We'll be keeping you updated. Take it easy.

Poll and Interview July 24, 2002
Fat Pete is at it again. He has a poll on his website (link is in links section under Fan Sites) asking you which of Inspection 12's albums is the best. This poll is strictly objective, so think hard about your answer and read the question carefully.

Also, Dan did an interview with a French e-zine, you can read the interview here. It is a very well thought out interview with interesting questions, we commend the French people for that.

We're Going To The Studio July 22, 2002
Hello all. We'll be heading into the studio August 11th to start work on the new record. If all goes according to plan the new album should be out by early 2003. It'll have fifteen or sixteen tracks on it which will be made up of 60% new songs and 40% old. Oh yeah, and just to make this clear: PETE HAS NOT QUIT INSPECTION 12. He'll be playing bass for Yellowcard during the year while Tim and Dan are off at school. Talk you guys again soon. Peace.

´┐ŻOn Tour July 20, 2002
The Beatles helped us all realize that we can get by with a little help from our friends. With that in mind...the connection between Inspection 12 and Yellowcard will be even closer now. Pete has decided to take over the bass playing responsibilities for Yellowcard. This in no way means that Inspection 12 is over. Studio plans are still in the works for the trio. Until next time, go buy a Warped Tour ticket and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Self-Titled CD On Sale June 30, 2002
For those of you who do not have Inspection 12's Self-Titled CD, it's your lucky day. The very last copies of this CD that are in print are now available at Smash Music and Theory Shop in Five Points in Jacksonville. There are only about 30 copies left, so if you don't have it and want it, go get it now.

Video Documentary June 27, 2002
Here's what they couldn't show on VH1 Behind the Music: Inspection 12 Documentary. This eight minute emotional rollercoaster gives a brief history of Inspection 12, but mostly focuses on the events of March 2001 and the status of the band thereafter. A special thanks to Chad Carter for shooting, directing, and producing this video. Enjoy.

What's it called? June 14, 2002
The name of the new Inspection 12 album is going to be...well, we want you to tell us. That's right, it's contest time again, but this time if you win, your prize is naming the new Inspection 12 album. So send us your brilliant ideas to The contest will end whenever we get one we like or when they make us submit a name for the artwork, whichever comes first.

Quiz and Such June 11, 2002
Alright, it's time to separate the real Inspection 12 fans from the fake ones (???) Go to Fat Pete Presents Inspection 12, a fan site made by none other than Fat Pete himself, and take his quiz about the band. A link to his site is in the links section of this webpage.

Another thing to settle. Much has been made over which instruments Inspection 12 will use in recording the new album. Just so there's no more confusion about this, here's the deal: no high school marching band, no 80-piece orchestra. But we aren't saying there won't be lots of kazoo and cowbell, so keep your ears open for some new stuff.

The guestbook has been re-opened. We have hired a full 10 person staff to monitor the guestbook at all times, so don't try anything. If you have something mean to say, look in the mirror at home and say it to yourself, you are the only one who wants to hear it. OK I'm done.

New Record June 7, 2002
Hello all. Well, we've begun demo-ing songs for the new record which we will begin recording in mid-summer or so. Most of the songs are brand new (Coup de Grace will be one) with the exception of a couple remakes (We might try a cappella). Anyhow - It should be out by the end of 2002 / beginning of 2003 if everything goes according to plan (i.e. It doesn't take nine months to record again). Wow, this letter has a lot of parentheticals (That's because we we think we're witty). Shut up - damn it, they're not supposed to know that! (Sorry). Anyhow - email us if you've got any questions. Danke. (That's German for Thank you).

Inspection 12

P.S. Also, keep on the look out for Manface this summer - they may be playing a couple shows around town and I hear they do some I12 covers (It's really Tim, Pete and Dan).

P.P.S. I'd like to apologize for the parentheses ruining everything. (He's not really sorry.)

Happy Birthdays June 6, 2002
Pete and James both turn 22 today, the age when no one cares anymore how old you are. Just kidding guys, Happy Birthday. But really, nobody cares after 21.

New Pictures from Tour May 31, 2002
Brand new pictures from the recent tours have been posted. This includes pictures from the Neverending Tour 2002 (East Coast), the Disodelay Conduct Tour (West Coast), and the less publicized Inspection 12 World/Universe Tour 2002, which took the band to many cool places and they got to meet a lot of famous people. Take a look for yourself.

Band Update May 22, 2002
Hey everybody - First off, sorry it's taken us so long to put up anything official. We've been sleeping for a month since we got off tour. Secondly, we've got some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: We're planning on doing a new record this summer. Good news: James has decided to leave the band. Wait...I think I screwed that up, but you get the point.

Guestbook May 8, 2002
The guestbook has been removed for obvious reasons. The few nice comments we receive from fans do not outweigh the negative posts about our friends, so there most likely will not be a guestbook/forum in the future, at least for a while.

Another Interview May 3, 2002
Dan recently did an online interview. You can read it here. All interviews will be archived in the links section of the website.

Interview April 30, 2002
There is an interview with Inspection 12 in the new online version of Movement Magazine. Click here to read the interview. Also, pictures from a recent photo shoot have been posted. Thanks to Max Michaels from Movement Magazine for taking the photos.

New Pictures April 22, 2002
New pictures have been posted from the West Coast tour with Whippersnapper. Notice you won't find any pictures of the actual band playing, as we decided to focus more on the sightseeing aspect of the trip.

Future of the Band April 9, 2002
Hey everyone,
Please do not pay attention to any rumors you might have read regarding the future of Inspection 12. We will let you know our plans for the immediate future as soon as we get back from tour in a week or so. Thanks,
Dan, Pete, James, and Tim

TIM GETS BEAT UP March 24, 2002
After not getting paid for playing at the Galaxy Club in Dallas last night, Tim was involved in a scuffle with club officials after the show. He managed to take down five bouncers before he was finally beaten into submission. Despite all of this, Tim still walked out with a smile. Click here to see a post-fight picture of The Gris.

Listen To A New Song March 23, 2002
For everyone who's ready for some new stuff from Inspection 12, here's a 30 second demo clip of a new song called "Everyday", which will appear on the new album. Click here to download it.

Rob Joins Throbbing Gristle March 21, 2002
Here's an interesting piece of news: Former Inspection 12 frontman Rob Reid has joined Throbbing Gristle to add his unique style of singing to this national music sensation. He will meet up with the band in Bali next week to start recording TG's new album. Plans for a national tour this fall with our very own Inspection 12 are already underway.

Final Tour Dates March 17, 2002
The final tourdates for the Inspection 12/Whippersnapper Disodelay Conduct Tour 2002 are up. Make sure you look at them because a few cities/venues have changed in the past few days. Also, there might be one or two more shows added in between Denver and Atlanta.

Inspection 12 Fan Site March 14, 2002
Inspection 12 has its first fan site! Thanks to Ben from New York for putting this site together. It has a bunch of cool stuff that you can't find here like live bootleg songs. Check it out!
A Room Filled With Darkness

Live Video Clip and Acoustic Demo March 13, 2002
Hey everyone, check out this live video clip of "Secure" from DV8 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Also, you can download an acoustic demo version of "Coup de Grace", a new song on the upcoming album.

Welcome Back February 26, 2002
Sorry about the brief hiatus the site just took. Everything is cool now. The forum got reset, so you must re-register your user name. Also, if you signed up for the mailing list AFTER the new site was initially launched, you have to do it again. Sorry about that.

Other than that, everything else is the same. The band is almost home from the tour. And don't forget that after the NOFX shows, Inspection 12 will be going out West with Whippersnapper, and then to Europe with The Plus Nomination.

Welcome! February 4, 2002
Welcome to the revamped Everything is more organized and looks better on the site now, so please browse around and check everything out.

The "Forum" link at the bottom of the page is replacing the old guestbook. You need to register a user name to post entries on it.

The band is in the middle of the first leg of its Winter/Spring Tour, keep checking the Shows section to see where they play next.

New pictures are being added all the time, so check the Pictures section often.