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Microsoft Internet Explorer  -  5.1.6
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What's new in this version:
Resolves all security vulnerabilities in previous versions of Internet Explorer 5, including the security vulnerability described in this Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-050, as well as vulnerabilities that might have caused Internet Explorer to stop responding or caused a memory problem that compromised the security of the computer.
Product Description:
Internet Explorer 5 is the fastest and most reliable version of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh ever, with support for published Internet content standards so users can take advantage of the rich content on the Internet. These improvements, mostly transparent to you, help ensure that Web pages are rendered fast and fluidly, and exactly as intended by their designers.
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  Harro   Oct 10, 2002  
  Of course OmniWeb rules, MitjaPod. But is this IE for OS X? No, I believe it's the version for OS 9. And is there an OmniWeb version for OS 9? I believe not! So is this the best browser available for 'classic'? Yes, by far. It's way better than IE on X too, don't ask me why, but it is.    

  skyo63   Oct 6, 2002  
  On my Mac at least, 5.1.6 appears to suffer from a serious memory leak. Minus another star for Java still not working in IE.    

  PowerTower180e   Sep 29, 2002  
  In initial tests, seems to render pages faster.    

  phobic   Sep 28, 2002  
  Improved performance over I.E.5.1.5. on 9.2.2 (only after running Norton's Disk Doctor following installation).    

  APGiuliano   Sep 28, 2002  
  That's a review? You're reviewing IE (5.1.6) for OS 9, OmniWeb is for OS X now look sad and say D'oh! IE 5.1.6 seems faster and more stable and some sites (security wise) I couldn't get to with 5.1.3 thru 5.1.5 pop up famously now. Now if only I could get a minimium font size setting! With a 75 dpi 800x600 setting on the iMac 96 dpi makes the text to big and thin and some sites that use -1 tags in their html break up the fonts, but I whine, because I can. Outside of that it is close to being the perfect browser, although I use Netscape 7 as my daily browser, I keep IE 5 there just in case...     

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Product Requirements:
  • PPC
  • Mac OS 8.1 - 9.x
      Microsoft Internet Explorer  
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      User Rating:   (3.3)
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      Current Version:   5.1.6  
      Release Date:   Sep 25, 2002  
      License:   Freeware  
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