Hi Dan, thanks a lot for talking to us. Would you start with the usual by introducing the band?

Sure, we're Inspection 12 from Jacksonville, FL. My name's Dan McLintock and I play bass and sing. Pete Mosely and James Trimble both play guitar and sing as well and Pete plays the keys. Our drummer is Tim Grisnik. We've been a band since 1994.

Who do you get your influences from? And what makes you different from other bands in the same genre as you?

We all come from different musical backgrounds. James has always been into southern rock and metal like Crue and Jackyl, Pete grew up listening to Beach Boys and Elton John, I've always been into real melodic stuff like The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. Tim pretty much listens to everything. Well, we don't like to pigeonhole ourselves into any certain genre and I feel like that's what makes us a different band. We never stick to any guidelines when it comes to writing.

How do you feel you have changed/developed as a band since your earlier releases?

I suppose we've all become better players due to the amount of time we've spent in the studio and on the road. Theory has also come into the picture a lot more than it used to.

How did you hook up with Honest Dons Records?

I filled in on guitar with the band Limp and met Fat Mike through them. I gave him an Inspection 12 record and he dug it.

What has the response been like to your album "In Recovery"?

So far it's been pretty rad. Most of the reviews I've read really back it. Plus, the feedback from fans has been great.

Who's the girl who sings on your CD and how did you hook up with her?

Her name is Anastasia. She's a good friend of mine who sings in bars and coffee shops in the Jacksonville area and I asked her to come and sing the part because it was way too high for one of us to sing and she's got a great voice.

What do you all do outside of the band?

James, Tim and I go to college and Pete manages a movie theater in Jacksonville. During time off Tim and I deliver pizza.

What are your reasons for wanting to stay anonymous, like it suggests in your album sleeve?

It's just part of the whole "In Recovery" theme. In AA and other twelve step programs members keep anonymity.

What is your connection with Alcoholics Anonymous? You refer to yourselves as recovering addicts, you album is called "In Recovery" and you you adopted the AA steps to make your own 12 steps…. Is the 12 in your name associated with the 12 AA steps of recovery?

There's not really any connection. It's just a spoof on twelve step programs. Instead of being addicted to alcohol or drugs or whatever we picked pop music. We thought it might be funny. We're lame. No the 12 has nothing to do with it - we got our name from the old Nickolodeon show "Pete and Pete." Their band was Inspector 12, named after the guy who puts the little tags in your undies, and we decided we needed to change the name a bit to avoid any legal battles. It worked.

Is alcoholism an illness? What do you think causes it?

Yea I think it's a disease. It's the only disease you can get yelled at for having.

What is your stance on the legalisation of drugs?

Drugs are so easy to get a hold of these days that I don't really think it would make a difference if they were legal.

Do you think people are under a lot of pressure to conform and to be accepted? Is this something you've struggled with yourself?

Sure -Everyone wants to be accepted. What it really comes down to is what makes you happy. In middle school I had a difficult time finding my niche, but I eventually did: The band geeks.

Do you think punk is becoming trendy or a fashion in any way?

I don't really pay attention.

I read on your website that Scott your drummer recently died. What happened to him?

Well, Scott was a diabetic and he took his insulin without eating one morning and then decided to drive. While he was in his car his blood-sugar level dropped too quickly and he passed out behind the wheel. The car kept driving through a stoplight and ended up smashing into a brick wall. It was pretty rough for all of us.

Is Inspection 12 definitely carrying on without Scott? Was it a difficult decision to make?

Yes. Yes.

Who/what is your song "Elegy" about?

Elegy is about a friend of mine's dad who died of cancer. A lot of people think it's about Scott, but he actually played the drums on it. The song was written six months before Scott died. I guess it kind of applies to the whole situation though. A little prophetic maybe? Eerie.

What is your connection with the band Yellowcard?

They used to live in Jacksonville and that's where we're from. We've been friends with all of the guys since high school. They're good guys.

Your track "Red Letter Day" deals with pretentiousness and self-realisation. Do you feel that everyone is fake in some way and finds it hard to be themselves?

Well, not everyone - I mean, I'm perfect. Kidding. I feel like everyone has their character defects and it's not fair to point fingers at others when we all have our faults.

Do you have a personal philosophy on life?

As long as you have faith and hope you'll make it.

What is your biggest fear?

Not being able to see what's underneath me while I'm swimming. JAWS freaked me out. That followed closely by huge groups of men in speedos.

What quality do you most admire in a person?

Honesty is real important to me as well as humility.

What is the most important thing you have learnt in your life so far?

I have two. 1. Self-reliance is an oxy-moron. 2.People treat you the way they feel about themselves.

Well thank you for your time. Any final comments?

Thanks and keep it as real as possible.