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Top Stories
Great Last-Minute Disguises
The best part of Halloween is dressing up Ė but what if you and your child still haven't come up with the perfect costume.
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How to paint a Tiger
Step 1: With a damp make-up sponge, cover childís entire face using white around eyes and mouth, yellow on forehead, and orange to cover nose and cheeks.
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To Read or Not To Read:
Are Scary Stories Appropriate for Children?
October has arrived and brought with it cool nights, colored leaves, and of course Halloween. When it comes to Halloween who can resist a hair-raising tale or two?

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The tube isnít always a boob
These new kidsí TV shows are worth watching
Television ó it distracts your children from doing their homework, it keeps them inside on a sunny day, it pits sibling versus sibling.

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Big-kid blues
Oldest children strive to meet high expectations
Britta Hampel wasnít allowed to have sleepovers until she was 10 years old. Her sister, Rachel, had them when she was about 7 or 8. And now, Alexa, 7, has been enjoying friends spending the night for over a year.
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Muscling up with powders and pills
Should teens turn to supplements to build strength?
Your teenage son and his friends are suddenly shopping health food stores, in search of the perfect supplement to build muscle and bulk up for high-school athletics. The powders and bars tout energy and strength, but you have your doubts. Is the latest craze harmless, helpful, or something a parent should be concerned about?

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Does the 't' in two spell terrible?
Or, maybe 2-year-olds are just terrific!
Her name is Jillian, but her extended family calls her Bonnie, as in Bonnie & Clyde. And like her namesake, the just-turned-3-year-old wreaks havoc wherever she goes Ė climbing, yelling, taking her clothes off, running away in crowds, and wiggling out of her car seat.
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How to get your little one to sleep (so you can too!)
Sleep problems are believed by some to be the number one health issue in the United States, resulting in lack of focus, irritability, frustration and impulsive behavior, not to mention sleepiness. According to the CNN Web site, nearly half of all Americans have difficulty sleeping.
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Paternity leave: the child-care option whose time has come
Starting this month, John Fong will be taking a year-long leave of absence from his teaching job. But heís not doing it to go on sabbatical, or travel around the world. Instead, he is looking forward to warming bottles, playing peek-a-boo, and changing his sonís diapers.
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Serving special needs in preschool
Most people would agree that they would like a preschool program for their child to offer as many opportunities as possible, which will allow their child to reach his or her greatest potential. A good program should also offer the child new experiences, which will help him or her gain positive social skills, including the ability to help others.
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Is handwriting a dying art?
Lost in the shuffle of individuality and technology, some schools are stressing the basics
If you suspect your childís handwriting looks like hieroglyphics because schools are stressing keyboarding more than penmanship, youíre partly right. Pupils spend less time today practicing penmanship, and the results down the road can be disastrous: businesses spend an estimated $200 million every year because of illegible checks, scribbled invoices, and unidentifiable documents. The U.S. Postal Service spends about $4 million a year on experts who decipher mangled addresses. Hundreds of thousands of tax returns are delayed every year because figures, notes, and signatures are illegible.

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Music education hits a high note at local schools
Benefits, state standards result in new emphasis on instruction
With all the state-mandated standardized tests young students are required to take in school today, as well as the usual academic and social pressures, many students look forward to music class as a welcome change of pace.

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Are kids today meaner?
Ridicule and worse may be more common than adults realize
Middle school isnít working out the way a Rockland County student had planned. Her good grades, good looks, participation in sports, and accolades from teachers and other adults notwithstanding, the last school year was a tough one.

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From full-time mom to working mom
Take time to plan strategies for reentering the workforce
You told yourself that once the kids were in school youíd go back to work. It sounded good when you were chasing sticky toddlers through the house and work was a distant memory. But now your youngest is approaching first grade and panic is setting in. Where will you find a job? Who will hire you? What can you put on a resume? Should you return to your old career? Can you? Should you try something new? How? Where? These questions can seem overwhelming, but are actually productive. Youíre thinking, which means youíre taking the first step toward finding a job. Here are some basic strategies to help you define your goals, refine your search, and secure the job thatís right for you.
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Working moms welcomed as school volunteers
Picking the right project is the key to keeping involved
The first graders need costumes for the school play. The third grade is looking for chaperones for their trip to the zoo. The library needs parents to reshelve books in the afternoon. And the PTO wants parents to help make sure everyone smiles for their class pictures.

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Other Stories
Pick-of-the-harvest recipes for apples
Apples and all the dishes they make delicious are one of the best benefits of fall.

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Halloween off the shelf
Bring home this festive fall season by sharing one of the following Halloween books with your child.

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Keeping fit starts with the diaper set
Physical activity guidelines recommended for toddlers
Physical activity should start in the nursery, according to the National Assn. for Sport and Physical Education, which earlier this year issued physical activity guidelines for the younger set.

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Backpack worries: How to shoulder the weight
Despite recent attempts to enlighten parents and students about the dangers of carrying overloaded backpacks to and from school, the number of backpack-related injuries have increased by more than two-and-a-half times in the last five years. So with safety a possible high priority as you prepare your back-to-school issue, one leading New York back expert outlines the dangers of shouldering too much weight and what families and schools can do to help ease the load.

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SAT and special accomodations
In a landmark settlement with the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and other disabilities advocates, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the College Board will no longer identify the scores of students with disabilities who complete the test with special accommodations.
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How to help your child become a better writer
Writing is more than putting words on paper. Itís the final stage in the complex process of communicating that begins with thinking. The US Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement recommends that parents help develop their childrenís writing skills at home.
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