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Date: 10th August 2001

Valiant 2001 critical of Brammer sale.

Port Vale supporter group blasts decision to sell key midfielder.

Valiant 2001, the fan-based group seeking to take over Port Vale Football Club, has issued a strong condemnation of the board’s decision to sell influential midfielder, Dave Brammer.

A spokesman for Valiant 2001 said: “We finished last season on a high on with a long unbeaten run and success in the LDV final at Cardiff. Within the space of three short months, we’ve lost last season’s top scorer, our most creative midfield player and now, it would appear, our player of the year. Not to mention two other very experienced squad professionals.

“The loss of these five key players is a massive blow. But, even more damaging perhaps is the adverse effect on the morale of management, other playing staff and supporters. What a way to start the season.

“As far as Valiant 2001 is concerned, the release and sale of these players has nothing to do with the interests of Port Vale Football Club and everything to do with alleviating the financial pressure which the board, by a succession of poor decisions, has allowed to build up to almost unbearable proportions.

“Unfortunately, it’s typical of the knee jerk short termism we’ve come to expect from the Vale. There has to be a better way than this.

“Maybe if the members of the board spent more time putting in place a proper business strategy, and less getting themselves embroiled in all manner of costly legal wrangles, the club wouldn’t have to sell its best player to the first bidder waving a cheque book.

“The chairman may well have bought himself a little time. But, Valiant 2001 would ask, at what cost to the long term future of Port Vale Football Club?”

Support has been steadily growing for Valiant 2001 during the close season and, with the new season about to kick off, the group intends to step up its efforts as it continues its quest to take over the club.

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