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Death Guild
Sam Nordemann, Mathew Noble, David ("Big Dave") Howe — San Francisco, Calif.

Sam, Matt and David met as bouncers for a club called the Death Guild. They're into clubbing, bikes and the San Francisco art scene. Matt is a graphic designer who builds cars and extravagant pyrotechnic displays in his spare time. Matt has been obsessed with motorbikes since he was little, and competes in national pistol competitions. Big Dave has bounced in nightclubs for 10 years and is also an airsmith (i.e. makes paintball guns).

Machine Name: The Mad Monkey

Weight: 4,387 pounds

Description: The donor vehicle is a small block 1977 Chevy Blazer. The team has added huge bumpers and enormous foam-filled wheels — 35-inch x 12-inch off-roading tires. They have also added a huge exhaust, rewired some of the electrical systems, built on a roll cage and reinforced the car frame with steel bumpers. Very little else of the donor vehicle has changed.

Advantages: This is a powerful vehicle, which may be an advantage in contact games like Sumo and Pitball.

Disadvantages: May be too big and unwieldy for some of the precision-driving games. The steering column is vulnerable, and the braking system is suspect.


Click on the image above to see the whole team.


Click on the image above to see a 360° view of the vehicle.

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