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Californians Michael Barr & Michele Burton and Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson and Australians Terry Hogan, Chris & Roxy Kumre, Bill Larson, Eric Sellers, Mark Simpkin, Leonie Smallwood and Simon Ward taught line dance second weekend in June in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia at the 4rd and final Sunshine State Classic hosted by Event Director Terry Hogan. This was a CWDIA sanctioned line dance competition (Jenny Cryer Head Judge & Phil Bates as MC) with line dance instructors teaching both beginner or intermediate + & advanced dances during 2 simultaneous workshops. Saturday and Sunday mornings started at 9am with a showcase of all the dances to be taught ...All instructors taught their own choreography, but Michael also taught Everlast (JP Potter) and Michele taught Cowgirls & Switches (Scott Blevins), MJ Moves (Michele Perron) and Chill Factor (Whittaker/Westhead); Mark also taught Tracie Lee's By My Side. Dances that were taught: Saturday & Sunday
Most classes were capacity; Attendance was way up compared to last year's event! I wanted to take Mr. T's classes of course! I quickly discovered that Helen Loh had his One Song (advanced + 32 count, sequence) down so well all during the teach that I was able to follow her boots on the second wall. She 'felt' the music so it was easy for her to let go & just dance to the tune! 
Instructors new for me: Bill Larson's Perfect Wings (int +) great instruction, but I struggled with the 64 step (syncopated) 2 wall dance ...Mark Wills sings Don't Laugh at Me ; Lyrics are profound AND Mark Simpkin, an instructor who teaches motion to music. Mark explained and then demo'd the perfect way to do a competition style 360 degree turn ...I wish my boots had EYES! He used his entire hour to help us perfect our dance technique for his teach of Trace Lee's By My Side ...listen to the feeling that Kellie Coffey puts into her song ...When you Lie Next To Me! 
(Bill and Mark have told me that they have put the GGC on their 2003 teach schedules!)

The 350+ event dancers (and one gate crasher from CA) sat at tables placed L shaped around the wooden indoor bowls floor ...or in the balcony which provided an excellent view!! Those of us who enjoy watching the 'OZ Kids' on the comp floors were not disappointed ...Phil Bates, Michael Barr or Charlotte Skeeters had the pleasure of introducing some familiar faces ... Brad, Chris (and his talented Mum-in-Law), Leonie (and her talented Mum), Roxanne, Simon, Tammy ... We saw a rousing All Star rendition of GREASE ... and a lively encore presentation of their winning routine from GGC 2001. I most enjoyed watching the talents of the mature generation in the team competitions! I know that the dancers could tell that we appreciated their months of hard training by our smiles, laughter and thunderous applause.
 Terry Hogan designed the costumes, choreographed the winning routine, and trained the City Slickers. The routine reminded me of a cruise full of lovely figured, mature ladies outfitted to the nines in their dancin' dresses with only ONE gentleman available as a partner. A dozen ladies danced with tuxedo costumed dummies elegantly tucked into their high heeled shoes while one got to lead Terry around the floor. He danced off beat and keep a straight face  ...his dancin' partner didn't seem to mind that his tuxedo was a plaid sports jacket and trousers showing 3 inches of sock! After the audience & the judges settled down from gut splitting laughter ...he did a quick costume change & tried to continue in the routine incognito as 'just one of the lovely ladies' in the chorus line! Of course his facial hair and twinkling eyes gave away the guise! He took his bow with the group, but stepped forward to blow a seductive kiss to the judges!

Terry hired 3 outstanding DJ's for the event. Graeme Jones - DJ for The Friday Social & Competitions - he played the 'oldies' plus solo competition dances & requests. I was thrilled to be able to dance the front row for When You Walked In, Little Miss Rosie and Promises!
Saturday Rainbow Theme - DJ Bill Larson ...he worked with a play list plus solo competition and workshop dances & danced along with us up on the stage! Bill is a choreographer, competition judge, instructor in QLD, and publishes the top 5 dances in OZ & around the world on his Sunshine Coast website. Top 5 dances in Queensland are listed on his site here.
Sunday Pajama Nite  - DJ Chris Kumre ...who played the request list & also danced with us. His
beginner dance was taught in the main hall during open break: Shake It (Like That) - Chris & Roxy Kumre.

Intermediate + and 'oldies' that filled the split floor that I could identify: Abracame (Justine Shuttleworth), Candlelight & Deja Vu (JP Potter), If Promises Were Gold (Rozanne Wild), Lazy 8 Waltz (Knox Rhine), Dancin' With You (Sal Gonzalez), Zydeco Lady (Chris Hookie), Mony Mony (Maggie Gallagher), Austin (various), Telluride (various), The Outback (Gordon Elliott), Put A Cork In It (Lorraine Hillard), Rhumba Ride (Larry Bass), Secret Waltz (Jan L'Argent), Swingtime Billy (Vera-Lobos/Bradey), T&S Waltz (Wilson/Tom), When You Walked In (Peter Fry), All My Heart (Bill Bader), Chill Factor (Whittaker/Westhead), Remember When (Sydney dancers), Alright Already, Nightmare, Riding The Rails, Black & White Cha Cha, Too Good To Be True, Girls Night Out, Sweet Temptation, Tulsa Slide, Badlands Boogie, Step By Step, Think Quick, Cuban Heels, Kickin' Up Dust, Too Shades of Blue, Too Much Fun, Promises & Along For The Ride ( Terry Hogan), Badge of Honour (Ian StLeon), Backroads, Black Dresses, All-Right-A & A Waltz In Time (Michael Barr), @ The Hop (Carmel Hutchinson), Senorita Sway and Dim The Lights (Michele Perron), Callin' From The Heart (Michele Burton), Cha Cha Lengua and Hot Tamales (Neil Hale), Chilly Cha Cha (AT Kinson), Hasta Manana (Charlotte Skeeters), Hold Your Horses (Kinson/Mickers), Powerade, Shakira, Sweet Revenge, Like It or Lump It & Titanic (Simon Ward), Little Miss Rosie (Tracy Lee), Patient Heart (Foord/ Vera-Lobos), Perfect Love & K.I.S.S. Cha (Eric Sellers), Perhaps (Chris Kumre), Pick A Pocket (Jan Wylie), Dream Catcher & San Antone Rose (Mike Sliter), Gypsy Lady, She Said Yes and Stomp (Mark Simpkin), Silk & Satin (Evelyn Khinoo), Southern Streamline (Mack Apaapa) , The Dream Within (Roxanne Kumre), This Woman, This Man (Barr/Burton), Swingtime Boogie (Scott Blevins), Body In Motion (Meltelnick) and the last dance ...Clickety Clack (Metelnick/Hunyadi) ...such fun to be able to do these two favorites of mine up front with the Singapore Dancers!

All of Terry Hogan's choreography can be downloaded through Mark & Wendy Pilley's Aussie stepsheets. You can also Google step sheets just by typing in 'name of dance' followed by the words ...choreographed by

Bottom Line: Terry Hogan and his volunteer staff (especially Cheryl & Gaye for catering and Sharon @ the gate) did an excellent job of hosting this 'worldwide'community dance event for nearly 400 people. The costumed dancers added visual atmosphere to the crowded venue both afternoons and evening was outstanding. Terry spent hundreds of hours of hard work and planning & had a brillant staff of on site volunteers to keep the energy flowing and the dancers dancin'at his successful event! Saturday night was an early sell out ...but Sunday was a fabulously phenomenal finale and farewell celebration. Thanks Mr. T for giving us perfect memories that will last our lifetime!