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Author Ok, so we're really pirates [Outcasts v. WoR&TEN;]

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The deck of the ship below my feet heaved in the rough weather, but I loved every second of it. The fresh sea air, the unbridled force of nature -- it was all what we lived for.

My soldiers didn't feel the same way by the looks on many of their faces. Grumpily sodden in their armor, spears and shields held aready, we sailed to war this day. And this day, we would strike as the sun broke the horizon, breaking the enemy under its glorious light.

Is Liaojie below? I called to one of the soldiers. I couldn't see the vampire anywhere, but I knew that as soon as the sun rose, he would have to find shelter.

Not yet, Govan. I turned, and grinned at my vampire friend. He was soaked, and looked miserable. Being on the sea always made the vampire sick, but he did it out of loyalty to me, and that always made me grateful.

Get below, dear friend, I told him. You're sea sick and if you're up here much longer, we won't have enough of a corpse to give a sea burial. Liao shuddered, nodded and loped towards the door that would take him below deck.

The sun broke over the mountains of the mainland just as the door shut. I grinned, turning my face to the sun. Revel in it, I thought to myself. You may not see another.

Ready men! Greet the dawn! It may be your last!

The soldiers turned to face the dawn, and we silently watched it rise. To the side of the Flying Raven - my ship - sailed many others. The Ravenous Wolf. The Soaring Eagle. The Mean Mosquito. They all sailed well, steel-cased prows slicing through the waves without problem.

I turned my eyes once more towards the mainland, sighting the smudge that would be our first target. Just as I targetted, a yell came from the Crow's Nest.


A dark grin crossed my face. I loved what I did.

Govan Vran
Raven of the Outcasts

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My hand sizzled in the light just as I finished shutting the door. I grimaced - I had cut it too close. But whatever. Govan was happily off to be her marauding pirate, which means I had to be along to save her ass.

Things I do for her. I grunted, rubbing my hand absently. I was still sore from the battle with the vampire in the harbour, and my ego was sore from having to get Vridik to help me. But then again..we were on a raid, so everything was good.

At least in Govan's mind.

The Knights didn't like it much. Considered it below them. But they also understood that until we could establish a base on the mainland, we were forced to resort mostly to piracy to make the wheel of time and profit turn.

The Arctics couldn't care less. There was a bunch of them on this ship in the hold, somewhere. I could hear them chanting prayers to Isonia. Later, they would ease the pain of the fallen, and tend those who could be saved. Lucky for them. And lucky for us they came with us.

Now it was the thieves who enjoyed this. Dark creatures of the night, they loved piracy. They loved swooping down on unsuspecting villages and raiding them, taking home wealth and slaves. And mayhap if they were lucky, they'd find some bauble that would keep them feeding out of Govan's hand a bit longer.

It all worked. It all made the wheel of time and profit turn.

I flopped into my hammock with a grumpy mutter, hands behind my head.

And I just got to wait. Wait wait wait. But night WOULD come, and then I could feed.

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The dawn cracked above the horizon, which had recently went from being a mere horizontal seperation of blues to, finally, green land. Sails above him flapped, seemingly happy as he was to see the sun, and slightly less so, the enemy lands. He looked over towards the other ships, and spoke to the man at his side: the Mean Mosquito's captain.

"There's no point in following the other ships, we do have the element of surprise. Veer to port and take us to the far end of the beach, we'll sweep in from the west. Where the rest go is up to them," he said, continuing to stare at the layout of the beach. Yes, he could see it working, especially if there was a place to make a stronghold right off the beach.

He turned to his troops. He had selected and outfitted them himself, mostly dregs, vagabonds, and oddly enough, orphans. Orphans seemed to have a knack for picking up on the training he gave, possibly because of their innate survival knack. But all of these had caught on quickly, or they wouldn't be here. Indeed, he could see a few of them scanning the coastline already, probably coming to the same conclusions he had. Hopefully, anyway.

The Mean Mosquito was aptly named - it was smaller than the other ships, designed to be brought close to shore. His division was lightly armored, if at all - he had made it completely optional. Considering that they were about to go for a swim, many had declined the option.

The land loomed up near them, a mere four, five minute swim away. He quieted his troops by raising three fingers.

"We're going in now. Remember what you've been taught. You'll do fine," he shouted tersely, but it should be enough. Fact, advice, and encouragement was all a soldier needed, someone had told him.

He walked to the edge of the ship, and without thinking, dove. He fell for a moment before piercing the water, a prizeworthy dive if he had ever felt one. The cold was intense, but not unbearable. Swishes of air sounded all around him, and through his blurry underwater vision, he could see the troops entering the water behind him.

He began to swim towards the land.

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D'lil Veldrin

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The drow was sitting on the edge of the cliff, waiting for the arrival of the Raven�s ships and armies. He had taken a small boat several days prior to the area, in order to �prepare for Govan�s arrival.� This of course meant sneaking around the lands and having fun. Well, at least what he considered fun�. Gathering information, lighting a few fires, and of course killing guards.

Those guards.. those guards disgusted him. Their incompetence made them a pure disgrace to the profession. And one thing that D�lil Veldrin couldn�t stand was incompetence. He did them, and his profession as a whole, a favor as he silently cut out their throats and put them out of their misery.

Turning back to the ocean, looking for the boats, he saw the sun beginning to rise. He shuddered. The light, the sun made him very uncomfortable. The shadows and the darkness were his domain, anonymity his friend.

What in the hell is taking them so long! She said they would arrive before sun came up. Now I have to wait for them in this blasted light!

Just then he made out the outlines of 4 on the horizon.

Well its about damn time!

Picking up his satchel, the drow made his way down to the beach, staying in the shadows as much as possible out of instinct. He had to give his maps and reports to Govan as soon as she landed, he just hoped that this raid would end quickly as he would like to get back to having his �fun� as soon as possible.

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We only come out at night.


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The Dark knight stood at the front of the ship. Dispite the decades spent below the earth in his youth, the motion of the sea did not bother him. He always stood at the front, letting the gentle rocking motion of the Flying Raven sooth him. His ivory hair was undone and the silky strands caressed his face. The first rays of sun pierced the morning sky and as usual stung his eyes briefly. Despite the discomfort, Shadowborn never missed a sunrise. With each sunrise a new day of hope began and he wanted to say he had seen the sun rise on the day Isonia triumphed over all heathens.

Subconsciously glancing at the crows nest, Shadowborn found his lady love. Every time he thought of Isonia, he thought of her as well. Nightbloom, his Black Rose, seemed to sense his gaze upon her and looked down with a smile on her face and waved.

How beautiful her smile is. Even the Sun itself dims when next to her, he thought as he raised his ebony hand back in response.

A shout broke the moment they had,
Ready men! Greet the dawn! It may be your last!, and he turned to it's source.

It was of course Govan. The thought of defeat was impossible when in her presence. She radiated strength and confidence.

Tired of his self-imposed solitary at the front of the ship, shadowborn made his way towards Govan. His gracefull stride making the ship seem as if it were docked on a still lake and not swaying back and forth.

He stopped in midstride as a voice cried down from the crows nest,

Land Ho!

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The wind whistled through Nightblooms hair. Her smile almost engulfed her ears she was so happy. Although notoverly fond of sailing, she found the crows nest comforting. She felt as if she were flying rather than sailing and the motion of the sea which was actually more noticable at this height seemed somehow less nausiating. The pirate she was with said little, but seemed happy just to have another soul with him. Especially a priestess of Isonia.

With Isonia's blessing, through Nightbloom, he found his vision was much stronger and the smallest movements caught his attention. The sun reached them seconds before the others and warmed both their bodies and their spirits.

Nightbloom sensing her mates eyes upon her looked to the front of the ship, where she knew he would most likely be. With a wave and a smile she let him know she was safe.

How he worried, she thought to herslef, After all he's the one charging into battle every assault.

Should loved him for his concern none the less.

Ready men! Greet the dawn! It may be your last!, came a shout from below.

Shadowborn turned his attention to cause. It was the musical voice of Nightbloms mentor Govan and he started walking towards her.

Turning her attention back to the pirate, he eagerly pointed ahead of them.

I see land!, he excitedly cried to her as scanned the horizon.

Don't tell me, she laughed, tell them she cotinued, pointing to Govan and the soldiers below

you're right.

, he cried, never taking his eyes off the coastline.

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Nymph heard alarms raised as the enemy ships grew nearer the coastline. He ordered the ballistas in the heights turned to face the onslaught approaching by boat. It was simple let the men with the repeating crossbows annihilate them before then can exit their vessels; Nymph ordered but what he saw and knew was the fact that the enemy even at the disadvantage of working uphill outnumbered his men by many and that their forces were much more capable of war then his and his allies.

The enemy rafts doors breached open and a sparkle of light hit the waves as the door splashed. Mere insult the the serenity of the sea. As this happened whistles and thungs of ballisas and bolts fired into the enemy vessels some coated in burning oil causing entire boats to ignite in this magnificent ambush on the enemy's firt encroachment of the mountain heights. But the dawn was rising and so was Intop, may the enemy know no mercy. Nymph knew if the sun could get up fast enough and he could hold on, then the day would be his, on any who encroched his sacred land.

More arrows and ballistas were loosed and yet the enemy troops seemed unwavered. He did notice though that his allies had not been as quick in the battle and that the flanks of Nymph's allies had been turned. The enemy reached his first set of trenches and were warded off time and time again by arrows and cover fire.

Finally though after so many charges Nymph could no longer keep count they smashed his first battalion and worked their way inland, only this was worse apparently someone had looted his treasury and caused the death of thousnds of his peasants priests and scouts in the night as well as destroyed sacred holy sites. Only a coward could do such dirty acts before combat.

More land was taken but finally the sun came into full bloom and Nymph smiled. He noticed a weakness in the enemy their troops were stranded if the enemies ships and fortresses were destroyed all that was in front of them was Nymph's troops,all behind the sea. He ordered his Priests to unleash magical fire so great it would disintegrate troops fortresses and ships of his opponents. When it was done smoke and confusion remained in the enemies ranks...alliances were confused and enemy battalions had no way of safely retreating. Nymph pulled a brave act and ordered 4 battalions into the center of the oslaught. He took 2 of the lost trenches back in one charge. One was left, perhaps if he could crumble that he could turn this massacre and thievery into a a real mans war, where niether side goes home a winner!

GM of Friendship TEN

The Inferno

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It was night. The purple-blue tinted moon of Soma hung suspended high in the sky. Within the realms of the cult of sun the citizens slept unaware of the dangers approaching from the seas. Stretched out apon his throne in the Grand Chamber of the Sun Kaz also slept, and as he slept he dreamed.

Flames surrounded him, frozen with memories of the burning death of the past Kaz knelt to plead with the flames to spare him once again. Slowly a figure coelessed within the flames as the inferno took on human shape. A voice both beautiful and terrifying sounded within his head.

Who are you?

Kaz asked the voice

I am you

Came the reply

We are one Kaz, you and I. The flames of the past and the flames of the future. I am The Inferno, you, are The Inferno. Some would call me a Demon, and they would be right, to a degree. But I am much much more. Thousands of years ago I existed as more than just a voice, before the times of the 'Gods' I was cast into hell by the prophet Solas. He did not agree with my views on the natures of magick prefering to beleive in the divine rather than the truth. Truth. A strange concept that can be different among different peoples and over different era's. But I shall tell you of the 'truth' that me and my fellows have beleived for eternity.

A slight pause which may have lasted seconds or hours, and then the voice continued.

Since time began three heavenly bodies have been visable in the heavens, Soma and Numi the twin moons, and the lightbringer Intop. The movements of these three bodies effect the weather and the tides of our planet through huge amounts of energy. Energy which can be tapped and harnessed. Energies which have falsely been labelled Gods by people with a need to explain what cannot be explained. Numi the small grey moon, oldest of the twin moons once white and pure now tinted by the evil's done with its energies, the first heavenly body to have its powers harnessed, the powers now thought of as Foret. Soma the larger Blueish moon often seen as a beautiful purple orb. Her powers effect the tides and the seasons, and now the tides and seasons bring war to our once peaceful land, her energies became associated with the Goddess Isonia. Finally comes Intop, last of the three to have its energies harnessed and realised. He is the bringer of light and day, but also the creator of shadows, He is Darden, the fire in the sky, the true lord of the cult of the Sun, known as the TEN.

As the voice spoke, Kaz became intranced by the 'truths' that it spoke of, for the first time he slowly started to understand. He was startled when the voice continued.

You must wake Kazimirzch Longbow, Inferno of the TEN. Somi hangs high in the darkness of the heavens and Intop sleeps. Followers of the purple moon have invaded our lands. They must be stopped.

Kaz awoke with a start, and ran towards the window. Far below him he could see the ends of a great battle, flames bellowing out from his city below. Movement to his left and he spun to face Islia.

Thank God you have awoken Kaz, we have tried to wake you for hours to no avail. We have been massacred by the armies of The Outcast Nobility, you are needed now!

Do not thank God Islia, break out the orange banners of the Sun, we go to war

Intop has risen!�
When you dance with the flames ... You die with burns!
The Inferno | GM of the Fires of The Ten

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-He stood, leaning casually upon the stone pillar. Green eyes cast forth upon the billowing smoke. The wreckage of the earlier day. The sun had risen high, and was now clouded in the black smoke and rubble. Though a dark smile was upon his lips. It not all as it had seemed. People were scurrying about trying to save loved ones and put out fires. They had broken through his defenses, but it didn't matter. Four heathens it had taken. Four realms to take him down to this. But it would take much more than that. Much more than it would take to finish him off. If they wanted to get rid of him, It would take much more than that. The counterstrike was being planned. In his head, ideas were formulated into where to go. The green eyes sparkled in the sun. Preperations had already begun. They had no idea the hornet nest by which they had kicked. He himself was bloodthirsty enough, and he knew how his guildmates were. Too bad, those heathens didn't know the same. They might have rethought their strikes. He could only chuckle as he turned from the stone pillar. He turned to one of his messengers standing behind him.-

"Prepare yourself for a hellish night. Prep the men."

"Yes, sir."

-Attero stepped past the man. Though small and seemingly highly insignificant, hornets were a force to be reackoned with.-

~*~Burn their bridges, Forge ahead, To the hilt~*~
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The scholarly twins sat looking over the battle maps in the tent a safe distance from the battle, but the frey could still be easily seen. They attacked from inland, for they were not exactly suited for piracy themselves, their fleet of ships consisted of little more than a few river boats. It was perhaps a good thing though, for this land assualt created a battle on two fronts for the enemies.
Rosen and Guilden would have much rather not attacked at all though, despite their strong military they preferred to avoid battle. Regretably that was impossible. Being in a guild meant going to war with it despite you're own beliefs, and being without a guild meant suffering the attacks of many. It was really a lose lose sitution for the twins, so they chose the lesser of the two evils.
So far their strikes had gone off with out a hitch, but while victories for far better than defeat, the brothers did not celebrate. The gains were ill gotten in their eyes. Never the less, they would keep the land as the best they could, and but it's acerage to good use.If you are forced to pick the prickly pear, then peal it, and it eat it, let not your toil be in vein.

Guilden and Rosen Woodson
Sons of Mantella Woodson
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The Tower looked splendid. The Gardens had been a decorative splendor as the people's celebrated the peace obtained from the Isonian invaders. Time had passed to allow the rebuilding of homes, of shops and replenish the barracks. A small Garrison of Nubash had been installed to stop the massacure of the earlier wars. Radagast had even taken the trouble of stationing a troop of the hardiest Opulents in the hills as a safe Guard.

The most impressive part was his newly aquired intelligence agency. Thousands of Shakes scittered here and there relaying information to his Chief's. Some realms own insurgents were captured and interrogated giving information on the perpetrator.

Radagast basked in his new found security. Safe in the knowledge that he could not be touched.
" My Leige....." Ran the shout " Invaders.."
One of the Ingin guards pointed out towards the horizon. Thousands of troops descended towards the main tower. Smoke billowed from many distant spots. The homeland was again under seige. Radagast pondered and mumbled his magic words, calling stone brothers from the earth to assist.

Time to try and hit back.


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Tarrant was miserable.

No, that was an understatement. Every single moment of time was a trial of pain endurance, as the ship rocked back and forth over the waves. He loathed water. It separated him too much from the ground that gave him his life energy, and it displayed weaknesses.

And how he hated weakness.

When Liaojie had told him that the Outcasts were essentially a group of pirates, he had almost choked with laughter on the glass of wine he had been enjoying. However, it turned out that it wasn't so much a joke as it was the horrendous, unbearable truth.

Normally, he would have relented from joining the first waves over open water, but seeing as how he was still trying to accustom himself to the guild and workings, he had little choice.

So, as it turned out, he went along with the Vampire Liaojie and the Raven Govan on this first strike. The former had turned out vaguely more intriguing that originally thought and he had still yet to meet the latter. Of course, this was greatly attributed to the fact that she spent her time up on deck, spearheading things, whilst he lay in a dark cabin below attempting to prevent internal organs from leaving his body.

A couple of the pirates had expressed concern over the lack of Tarrant's own men, but he waved off the questions with little response and even lesser assurance. His men would arrive, by land, a little later that originally planned, but they would arrive. The heathens would have much to fear.

The strike had gone well, overall, it was a crippling blow at Darden's forces. He had still yet to hear from his own runners, over his realm's success, but he felt little worry over it. They were seasoned, veteran and most importantly, rather fearful legions.

But, for the time being, no thoughts on such mortal worries.

He had to focus on keeping his spleen from abandoning ship, still.

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They came in waves......

There was no stopping them.

Nothing could stop them.

But the sight of the heathen hordes rolling across his lands like a foul cloud of putrid fume set his mind to work on what could be done to counter. And as the last of the Outcast beasts destroyed his last structures and tormented the last survivors of his peasant population, Jushai saw his way clear.

Perhaps some would lower their head and walk away and begin anew. That is not the nature of our kind. We are, and have always been, the sword of balance and blood in these lands. The Outcast have found cause to enter into the lands of the Warguard and TEN. They would do well to ask their Vurumai brethren what their chances are of keeping that which they have stolen........

And he set about preparing that which he knew best how to do........

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It was all too familiar, the anticipation of battle mingled with the horror of war. It was something she was accustomed to, but had never grown used to. The taking of lands, of lives... Innocent as her beginnings may have been, blood had been an irremovable stain on her hands for many a year now. This was neither something she prided herself on, nor was it something she bore in shame. It simply was.

It was survival. It always had been. Whether she was the attacker or the attacked, her goal had always been simply to live. As a child, the concept was foreign to her, and even now, she could not remember when precisely that had changed.

It was revenge, as well, egged on by an anger deeply rooted in her memory. Time had caused that memory to fade, just as the physical scars had become nothing more than faint lines, and it was no longer achingly fresh in her mind. But it still remained, as softly glowing embers of a once-raging fire.

Mya only distantly heard the cries that alerted of land in sight, and her hand instinctively went to the hilt of her sword. The morning sun rose in its graceful arc over the fathomless blue depths of the sea, and it seemed ironic that a new beginning should turn out to be the end for so many.

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Night fell and the calls to set anchor were heard from the ships around me. Someone had tried to fire ballistae at us earlier, but we never brought our ships that close to shore. A few lucky shots might have hit, but that was it. The landing boats weren't as lucky - some went up in flame, some were speared by ballistae bolts. But thus was the cost of war.

I leaned against the rail of the deck, looking down at the midnight black water. It sparkled in the way only moon-kissed water could, and I tried to let it relax me. War was war, but when an enemy I thought could have been honourable turns out not to be, I can't help but be a bit angry.

My hands clenched, crumpling the reports found in my hands. Eli's caretaker had written me about some damage thieves had done during the night. But I knew Eli's realm well, because after all, he was my adopted son.

No realm in TEN or WoR could hold the type of troops to be able to sneak into Eli's realm. We had oblitermaulerated them too well.

The fight was hardly over. Several of us had taken solid hits ourselves. We could admit that without chagrin, because some of them were our fault. Leaving realms undefended, underestimating the reach of the enemy, and so forth.

But now this?

I unfurled the reports again. My eyes scanned the contents and I growled angrily.

I trusted them to take this beating like men. Yet they've called in help, because there is no way they could have done this to Eli's realm. No way.

I turned, leaning against the rail. I closed my eyes and muttered. What, do they think we would not notice? Just possibly there is a hidden realm we would not have known about? Yeah, sure. That's not possible right now. There is no way THEY could have done this.

I just wonder...
I paused, thinking. Maybe it wasn't their leaders who went crawling to others for help. Maybe it was one of their underlings. Or maybe someone just did it for their own self-fulfilment. But nevertheless, the fight has turned dirty. Where we might have once offered mercy, we offer the blade of a sword.

I then realized I was talking to myself and muttered. I turned to one of the deckhands, and beckoned him over.

Find me Vestrin. I want to talk to that blackskinned sneak. The sailor nodded and loped off.

Govan Vran
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Radagast was furious. The radiers had nearly taken two thirds of his cultivated land. THe invaders had come from the sea and burned everything in sight. His army of intelligence gatherers had been slaughtered by the onslaught.

Fired by revenge Radagast summoned his Opullents hidden in the hills and marched seaward.The Retaliation was wonderous. Thde pirate armies seemed to have been spread thinly over there newly taken land. Success came fairly easily and almost pushed back one invading Noble back to the sea. Pleased with his day's work Radagast set up camp and waited for the next light to come.

Dawn broke and Radagast finished off the job he started. Yet something had happened overnight. One of the maurauding Pirates had snuck up a river and delved deep into the recaptured Terriatory. Radgast was in trouble. Cut off from his main base of supply,it was all he could do to retake a small amount of land to bridge a logistical lifeline for his troops.

An unsureness was rumbling around the camp. The repeated attacks were certainly taking a toll on the warriors. The fall of many fellow soldiers was not good for morale, especially when it was over land that was retaken trhwe second time. Radgast hoped that the night would bring some relief, and the morning would allow him to taken the fight forward


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Mounted, Kaz led a small legion of Nufash through the now-deserted streets of his city. Bodies littered the cobbled pathways, some laying in pools of blood stripped of their belongings, others now just charred remains in the burnt out husks of the dockside buildings. Everywhere was destruction caused by the invading pirate armies of the Outcast Nobility. The only smells his senses could detect were clouded by a miasma of ash and death.

Intop had risen high in the sky, but was shedding only a dreary light through the smoke-filled skies above. Soma still visable in the daylight as a taunting purple orb showing through a break in the smoke. Earlier he had led forces along the river to the delta where it met the sea, sinking many of his own merchent traders to block the harbour to prevent any more of the pirates ships to make their way along the river to his inland city. It would not help his people from the thousands of ships already through the barracade however. Nor would it help against the armies that now surrounded his realm. Lands taken in victory against followers of the purple moon goddess not so long ago, now taken back by the heathen allies of defeated foes.

Turning down an alleyway, his small party met a group of marauders midway through ransacking a building that had survived the fires. Once a small prosperous jewellers, one of the few buildings in the city that could afford the rareity of a glass front window, to attract custom. Now shards of glass littered the street, intermixed with small trinkets the raiders had dropped in their haste. Armed with curved swords and axes the small group of pirates surged towards his troops, he was outnumbered 3 to 1, but luckily the width of the allyway was only wide enough for the pirates to fight two abreast. Steel met steel as the dance of death continued unabated.

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*The fireballs flew over the heads of Darden's faithful, ripping through the now-abandoned dockside buildings. An ominous groaning made the remnant of the battallion turn their eyes from the nautical invaders to the teetering remnants of The Hildorf. The Hildorf was a large, haphazardly built hotel, constructed during the gold rush. Given the cutthroat competition for land close to dockside, the enterprising owner of The Hildorf had decided to build as many floors as possible going straight up to maximize the number of rooms available for rent, while minimizing the cost of the property. The result was a perilous looking construction which rose a good hundred feet or so above its neighbors, and had a disconcerting tendency to sway back and forth in high winds. The whole thing was supported by one gigantic support pillar made from a thousand year old tree in the center of the building.

This support was now visible to the unkempt and injured Darden defenders. A large chunk of it was now missing, and the remnant was on fire.

The battalion scattered as one man, with the exception of their leader, who was still looking at the invaders and wondering why the ships were frantically back-rowing.*

"I must 'ave frightened dem off or somet'ing."

*Detritus scratched his head, and then noticed that the crackling noise was suddenly becoming much louder...*

Several hours later:

*A quasit picked through the wreckage, some of which was still smoldering. He eventually stopped, and glanced around with a calculating look on his face. The quasit nodded to himself, and waved a group of soldiers with shovels over to him.*

"Dig here. I think tha-"

*The timbers beneath their feet suddenly heaved, knocking the quasit over and making the soldiers stumble. A stony hand shot out through the wreckage, and scrabbled for something to grab onto. The soldiers recovered themselves, and hauled a sooty Captain of WoR out of the wreckage*

"Ah, glad to see you're alive, my lord."

"Hullo quasit. Where did de pirates go?"

"They left a little while ago. It's my opinion that their foray into our lands was one inspired purely by retribution, and once the focus of their wrath had been apparently destroyed, they had little desire to tarry here."


"They were mad because you and Attero destroyed two of their kingdoms, so they came to get you. It looked like you had died, and they took what was left of the lands, so they left."

"Ah. Right den. So.. does dat mean dat we won?"

"Depends on how you define 'winning', my lord. If you mean 'Did we come out ahead', then no. If you mean 'Did we do more damage to them than they did to us', then yes.

Forty thousand acres taken in one campaign is a respectable amount, given that we started with six thousand. It's a shame we had to destroy it all."

"Why can't we ever keep everyting we take, quasit?"

"Because heathens are very inconsiderate, my lord."

"Damn incons.. enconside.. incondis.. heathens."

"Indeed, my lord."

Smashing things for a better tomorrow.
WoR AGM of Smashing, Maiming, and Inflicting Massive Head Trauma


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It was rare that I set foot on captured enemy lands. It was much safer on the ships, but tonight, I wanted to walk around. The land we had captured was in fairly good shape, for all that much of it had to be burned and destroyed.

This area had been secured, and the captured Dardenites put in shackles and collars. They were living trade items, perfect to sell into slavery. While I could admit to myself I wasn't fond of doing this, money was money, and money financed the wars.

But hopefully now that we had a foothold on the mainland, I could get revenge on the idiot Lords and Ladies who had stripped me of my family, of my dreams...who had taken away the man I considered a father. Who had stolen so much from my Knights, from my Arctics, from my Sneaks.

I set foot on the beach, stepping lightly from the landing boat. Around me were very nervous looking Carles, my personal bodyguard. Each wore the Raven Insignia on their armor which mirrored mine - in a less fancy way.

My armor was polished and shined, and while not very feasible in close combat, it worked for inspiring the hopes of my troops, while decimating those of the enemy.

As I walked up the beach towards the charred and dented remains of the harbour town we had taken, I heard the sobs and wailing of the captured. I tried to shut it out, because this wasn't something I liked to do. But I had to. We all had to, until one god or goddess ruled supreme. Perhaps someday, it would be me collared. Who knew?

I eyes the lines of captured, each being tagged with a collar and number for trade later. Perhaps there was one there I could take as my own, to attempt to attone for what I had done through this war.

Any sign of the Lords or Ladies of this realm? They must be found if they are here and have not escaped. I will not accidentally sell away a leader for a mere pittance of what his ransome would be. I gestured at two of the waiting Knights, and they nodded crisply and headed off.

I turned to one of the remaining guards of the captured. Tell me, did we leave the keep in pieces, or barely damaged? We need to set up a base of operations immediately!

Govan Vran
Raven of the Outcasts
The Real and Original Raven


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Mustering what strength he had left in himself and his smashed realm, Jushai led his remaining might to the rally point scribed to him by the Sky Lord. Archangel's message had held high hopes for a small and immediate success against the invaders. It seemed that a few of them had penetrated too far into Warguard lands and over estimated the extent of the resources required to sustain their invasion efforts.

"My Lord, we are nearing the rally point," announced Huskiy, Jushai's only surviving officer, riding toward him from a smallish copse of trees that lay ahead of the small troop. " The Lord Archangel has commanded we wait here until called for."

Nodding his assent, Jushai halted the march and set about preparing his warriors for the ordeal ahead. And sometime later, deep into the long evening, Jushai heard the first echoes of distant combat.

Huskiy stood next to Jushai, quietly watching the dim flashes that illuminated the sky in an orange penumbra, rising and falling like the waves of a lazy ocean.

"I do not understand them, my Lord. This makes no sense to me."

A small smirk crinkled the corner of Jushai's thin lips. "Of course not. Heathens are not known for doing sensible things. And I tell you now. It is only a matter of time afore they begin the hue and cry of foul play. Afterall, we are not skilled enough to bring down the two we will tonight on our own. For if we were, they might find the conflict they have endeavored to start, a much more difficult affair."

"Do you really believe they will mouth such poor words?"

"Fear, my friend. Fear is the great motivator for all creatures. Why else do you think they came? They had no choice....."

Huskiy furrowed his eyebrows. "Choice? They could easily have made the conflict a much more even affair, strengthwise anyhow, by leaving the TEN alone and invading the Royal Knights. As it now stands.....they look a bit cowardly to me for this-"


"The weakness of the enemy will be made clear this night. Let that serve to remind them, and us, that war is never a sure thing. And to curry the favor of overwhelming strength and poor judgement is not sufficient enough to prevent the inevitable.

"Two of them will fall tonight.....and more will follow. And whilst they scurry about and wonder how one's of such frail strength could manage such a feat, they will forever miss the truth of the matter.

"The Warguard and TEN need nothing beyond themselves to beat two poorly defended kingdoms with sots for leaders........"

Huskiy nodded silently as the word finally came from the Sky Lord. And in the waning hours of the invasion, the Outcast lost two realms to simple impudence and overconfidence in an enemy they thought unable to respond.

Shadowmaster(AGM) of WoR <~=|=~> Hell Hound of DoW

It's never over.....just a matter of time.

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